12 tips handy cool box tips you didn’t know yet

A cool box can be quite a significant investment. So you want to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. In addition, cool boxes are often a source of irritation. For example, you take out a bottle of soda, and everything crashes into each other. With these 12 cool box tips, you can keep your cool box or camping fridge clean and organized and ensure that it has a long life.

1.      Put your cool box on blocks for ventilation

Especially compressor coolers must have sufficient ventilation on all sides of the cooler. This allows them to dissipate their heat, which extends their lifespan properly. That is why there are special cool box racks on the market where you can easily put them on. But, you can also just bring two small bars from home. Another advantage is that the camping fridge is dry if you have an unexpected flood.

2.      Place a grid at the bottom to prevent condensation

Thermoelectric coolers, in particular, are known for getting your milk and vegetables wet feet due to condensation. This accumulates at the bottom of your cool box, making it a big mess and vegetables and fruit rot. This is easily solved by placing a grid at the bottom of the cool box. We use a custom-cut rubber ring mat. Then, you only have to throw out the water once a week.

3.      Leave the lid of the cool box open with a dishcloth

When you are not using the cool box, and it is not connected to the power, it is best to store it with the lid open after you have cleaned it. This prevents mold or foul odors from developing. I always leave a double-folded dry and clean dishcloth between the edge.

4.      Was the cool box broken? Put him on his side

If your Dometic absorption cool box once stopped working. It got warm but no longer cooled. You are already ready to buy a new one, but it is unnecessary. With these cool boxes, an air bubble can get into the pipe, so it no longer cools. What you can do then is;

1: turn off the cool box,

2: put the cool box on its side or even upside down for an hour,

3: put the cool box upright again and wait about 4 hours before turning it on again. In this case, it worked flawlessly.

5.      Level your absorption cooler with a bottle of Coke

An advantage of a compressor cool box and a Thermoelectric cool box is that you don’t have to level them for proper operation. However, if you have an absorption cooler, you must always level it. If it is crooked, it cools less well. A handy trick to check this is to place a half-full soda bottle on its side in the cooler. Then you can quickly see whether it is level or not.

6.      Extension cord 12V for the car

Do you also want to keep your food cool in the car? Please put your heavy cooler in the trunk. That prevents accidents. The back seat is not a safe place for a cool box if you suddenly have to brake at 100 kilometers per hour. Don’t you have a luxury car with a plug connection in the trunk? Fortunately, there are handy extension cords for 12V on the market that allow you to use it in the trunk. Depending on the length of your car, you sometimes need two.

7.      Turn on your cool box at home already

In particular, absorption coolers take a long time to cool down the first time. But it is also smart for other types of cool boxes to switch it on at home 24 hours before departure. For example, on 12V, most cool boxes cool less hard; if they have to work hard right away, the cooling system runs unnecessarily over time. So just turn it on at home.

8.      Structure and Traps Bin System

My biggest cool box annoyance is that everything thunders over each other when you take something out of it. So I don’t mind organizing a bit. That’s why we sometimes use, we sometimes forget, to use plastic storage bins with straight walls. One for spreads, one for vegetables, you understand. And they are also stackable. Yes, this usually takes up space, but it also saves frustration.

9.      Bottle of water as a cooling element

Especially in small standard insulated coolers without electricity, space is a scarce commodity. Cooling elements also cost space. So why not freeze a one-and-a-half liter soda bottle with water and use it as a cooling element? This way, you have both nice and cool ice water and a cool box. Handy camping hack, right?

10. Place the cool box at standing height.

This tip naturally connects seamlessly with the first ventilation tip. Do you suffer from back problems, or are you just not fond of bending over? Then place your box at standing height. That’s easier, especially if you’re cooking and need to grab something quickly. For this, you can simply put a Curver box upside down or a special chilled packaging box rack.

11. Place ice packs on top

Do you just want to use the cooling elements frozen at the campsite? Then it is easy to put it on the side or the bottom. Then they don’t get in the way. However, that is not the best place for cooling. After all, cold air descends. That is why placing the ice pack on top is best for the most optimal cooling. If you want to buy ice packs, feel free to visit Britwrap.com.

12. Clean your cool box with soapy water

Once at the campsite, I saw someone scrub his camping fridge with a good splash of bleach! First of all, I hope they didn’t throw that in the bushes behind the tent. Second, I would never do that. Ordinary soapy water with an all-purpose cleaner or dishwashing liquid is more than enough to clean your cool box. Third, harsh cleaning agents such as bleach can damage the antibacterial plastic inside of your cooler. This can even cause them to leak over time.

I hope that these tips will help you out. Click on this link if you want to read more articles.

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