4 Compelling Benefits Of Multi-channel Contact Centers

Customers these days want personalized attention from brands. Whether they connect to brands via phone calls or use the live chat support platforms to interact with customer support representatives, they expect seamless interactions across all communication channels. This is why standard call centers have started upgrading themselves to provide a peerless experience to customers. Regardless of whether it is a call center in Kolkata or a company in Georgia, multichannel customer support is an integral aspect of most modern contact center companies.

Moreover, modern contact centers even utilize omnichannel customer support strategies to ensure quality support across integrated communication channels and touchpoints. The specialty of this feature is that customers connecting with brands regardless of channels do not have to repeat their problems or basic details. This makes customers feel that they are valued and remembered by brands. Likewise, multichannel or omnichannel contact centers provide few other benefits that propel businesses to count on their outsourcing solutions. Let’s check them out below.

  1. High customer engagement:

    Every brand wants to acquire more new prospects and keep existing customers engaged for more sales and high revenue growth. However, studies have shown that brands that do not prioritize multichannel customer communications experience low customer engagement levels. This is when multichannel contact centers come into existence.

    The primary intention of a multichannel contact center is to serve customers across different channels. Modern customers spend more time on social media and other digital platforms. Hence, whenever they face any problem or want to gain brand-related information, they initially search the brand online. Hence, live chats on a website and social media are two common communication mediums by customers. Multiple industry reports and call center operation analysis show that these communication channels obtain high customer retention, customer satisfaction, and strong brand loyalty.

  2. Faster responses:

    An upgraded contact center in Kolkata or Georgia is specialized in delivering faster responses. This is because these BPO agencies use a multichannel support strategy to communicate with customers. Unlike a normal call center that keeps a caller on hold for a long time, live chats and other communication mediums can reduce the hold time to a vast extent. This happens as modern contact centers use advanced AI-based tools to assist agents whenever they face trouble resolving a customer issue.

    Moreover, many modern contact centers introduce virtual assistants or chatbots to deliver instant and accurate responses to customers. These AI-powered chatbots utilize advanced knowledge bases to help deliver exact solutions to any concern. Whether customers connect with agents during after-office hours or on weekends, these bots are always ready to solve their problems. The best thing about these bots is they can determine customer emotions, understand user intentions, and deliver personalized solutions in no time. Hence, many successful brands reach out to outsourcing BPO agencies for incredible customer support services.


  1. More upselling and cross-selling opportunities:

    Brands always look for multiple ways to increase their sales. Apart from capturing new leads and building conversions, they prefer upselling and cross-selling approaches to boost their sales rate.

    Customer support outsourcing agents get good training and education about brand products and services. As a result, reaching out to them provides businesses with multiple product-selling opportunities. They smartly use popular communication channels that customers mostly use. For example, the live chat support option on an ecommerce website is highly used by customers these days to discuss product queries and make purchase requests. Unlike other communication channels, customers prefer this medium while making online purchases as it offers prompt responses.

    The best thing about live chat support is that customers can communicate with agents while simultaneously making an online purchase. Hence, sharing recommendations about a product or offering guidance can help customers improve their shopping experience. This is a prime reason behind experts suggesting brands look for multichannel support while reaching out to a contact center in Georgia or India.

  2. Run more effective marketing campaigns:

    Since customers are available across multiple channels, it becomes easier to run effective marketing campaigns with contact center outsourcing. From running a survey program to obtaining real-time feedback about any service or product, customer support agents use different communication mediums to achieve their marketing objectives.

    Moreover, a modern multichannel contact center allows agents to generate real-time customer analytics for all communication channels. These analytical data bring valuable insight into customer behavior, their interests and ongoing trends. Monitoring this data and using it for corrective measures can help agents improve their customer support activities.

The Bottom Line

Contact centers offering multichannel or omnichannel support are responsible for resolving issues, scheduling appointments, answering queries, running surveys, and much more. Besides these comprehensive services, modern contact centers are also known for providing enticing benefits, as listed above. Hence, when you are planning to outsource customer support solutions, it is important to look for an ideal call center in Georgia or India.

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