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4 Easy Steps to Clean That Laminate Wood Floor

Laminate wood floors are a great alternative to expensive hardwood, but they do require some maintenance. It is important to know how to properly take care of your laminate flooring so it lasts longer and doesn’t get damaged by spills or other hazards. Luckily for you, we have 4 easy steps that will help you clean up any messes on your laminated floor.

Vacuum Cleaner Or Dust Mop to clean laminate floor

Vacuuming or dust mopping your laminate flooring is a great way to rid it of any debris that may have fallen on it. If you notice anything stuck in the grooves, such as food scraps and crumbs, be sure to wipe them out with a damp rag first. This will help prevent buildup and keep your floor looking new for longer.

When it comes to cleaning accidents and spills on your laminate flooring, you will want to be sure that whatever cleaner or soap you use is water-resistant. This will help prevent the liquids from seeping into the grooves of the wood and causing damage over time if not cleaned up immediately.

The vacuums cleaner is perfect for sweeping up the leftover dirt and debris. If you are looking to get rid of anything stuck in between, use a dust mop instead. A dry one will work fine as well if there isn’t any water around.

Mop With Water And Soap Solution Mixture Or Natural Cleaner

Now that the floor is nicely vacuumed and swept up, it’s time to mop. Use a bucket filled with either warm water or a mixture of water and soap solution (only if needed). Then pour the liquid over your laminate wood floor using an old rag. If you are not keen on this step, you can use only water.

 Dry With Dry Towel Or Microfiber Mop

Once the floor is all wet, it’s time to dry it off with a separate rag or microfiber mop. Make sure that there are no more puddles of liquid on your laminate wood floor before moving on to the next step.

Apply Polish And Wax If Desired Now that the floor is all dry and clean, it’s time to apply a coat of wax or polish if you want your laminate wood floor shining like new again! Just make sure to follow the instructions on either product carefully so as not to damage or ruin your floors.

Damp Mop the Laminate Wood Floor

Start by getting a damp mop and water. The amount of water will vary depending on how much you need to clean the floor, so just add some in until it is lightly moistened. You should not have any standing pools of water when doing this part, but if there are little puddles around all that is okay.

Clean Cloth

Step One: Getting your cleaning cloth wet is the first step in the whole process. Cleaning with a damp sponge

Step Two: The second step involves getting that dampened clean rag and scrubbing the dirty parts of your laminate floor until you have gotten off as much dirt as possible. Rinsing Your Sponge

Step Three: When you feel that you have scrubbed enough, then rinse out your sponge into a bucket of clean water.

Step Four: Once the dirt has been rinsed from the sponge and is in the bucket, allow it to sit for about thirty minutes. After which time take it back over to where you were cleaning and scrub the area again. The water should now be clear and clean, showing you that your sponge has done its job.

Step Five: Once the area is as clean as it can get, allow it to dry for about half an hour before putting any furniture back into place or walking on the floor until all of the evidence of dirt and grime is gone.

Laminate Floor Cleaner

Laminate floors are a favorite in many homes because they look great, but also clean up well. With the right tools and products, regular cleaning will keep your laminate floor looking sharp for years to come!


Keep your laminate floor clean by following the above steps!

1. Scrub the dirty parts of the laminate floor with your dampened cloth until it is as clean as you can get it.

2. Rinse Out The Rag And Let It Sit In Clean Water For 30 Minutes Step

3. Once you have rinsed out your sponge. Let it sit in clean water for half an hour, scrub the area once more.

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