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7 Unique Social Media Ideas to Engage Your Audience

Social media marketing, on the other hand, is all about engaging. More than 3 billion users across the globe utilize social media. Many of them use it regularly. This presents a tremendous chance for your business to build relationships and expand. This method of communication and outreach break many of the obstacles that stand in the traditional outbound marketing, which opens up the possibility of a massive audience of interested customers, which might turn into customers or leads If you use your strategy well.

With such a vast potential available, it’s worth investing in strategies to increase engagement on your buy facebook followers uk platforms. There are likely many more things you can have been doing daily today to connect with your customers and give the public a glimpse of your brand’s personality and the people who run it. In this article, we’ll discuss creative ways to get your ball moving.

Highlight Your Team

Marketing is about making connections. Recognizing the team’s members shows your audience that you’re not just a logo – it’s a team of individuals working to create a unique brand and product.

Create a series that highlights every team member so that your audience on social media can discover who they are and what they contribute to the company. Create a Typeform survey that has fun questions for your team members to take on. You can ask questions like, “As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?” or “What’s one item on your bucket list?” These questions will yield answers that will let everyone’s personality shine. After that, have them take a photo of themselves to post their answers. It can also be enjoyable to ask them to provide an embarrassing photo of their childhood to add fun. In any case, a method that highlights your team like this can change your brand from an anonymous company to one with many people behind it, each of whom is easily recognizable.

Create Hashtags

Hashtags can structure your content strategy and allow your readers to keep track of the posts that truly pique their curiosity. At BenchmarkONE, we publish highlights or statistics about marketing on the blog posts each Monday, using the hashtag #MarketingMonday. Apart from increasing engagement among our followers, other brands can also follow the same pattern and tag you in similar posts using similar hashtags. This is a fun and efficient way to tap into different audiences and connect with your followers and peers.

Share Your Company Culture

Your company is more than just a commodity or service, and it’s a unique environment to work in (hopefully). Social media is a fantastic opportunity to display what your culture at work is like. Post pictures and information from team activities such as outings, celebrations, and lunches. This gives them an impression of what it’s like to work for your company and, similar to the surveys you conduct for your employees, it gives you the chance to show the real fascinating, engaging, and fun people behind your company’s image. This method will most likely encourage more involvement.

Sharing this content can be a significant part of your recruiting strategy when job seekers are conducting a background check and looking at the company’s social media accounts to determine if they have any information about the culture. With most millennials placing more importance on the company’s culture above pay, sharing your company’s culture is never more crucial.

Use Instagram Stories

With the variety of Instagram Advertiser brands that can run according to the specific engagement metrics, they can access, Instagram keeps getting better and better for businesses. Why not take advantage of the many fun features available on Instagram? Here are a few ways to incorporate Instagram Stories into your existing social media engagement strategy

Each time you publish an article on your blog, make sure you make a short announcement about your blog posts and then connect it to your blog post on your profile so people can look it up.

For special releases, you can use the countdown feature to ensure that people are excited and keep in touch with you after the countdown has ended.

Utilize GIFs, stamps, and other images to keep stories engaging and captivating.

Use hashtags in your posts to put your content to be seen by users searching for or following the hashtags, but don’t follow you.

Utilize the Polls feature to get your friends specific questions.

Use your “Ask me a question” feature to start an exchange.

Create Instagram Stories as an integral component of the Instagram posting strategy, just like your usual feed, as you’ll get more people to your feed and create more impact once you’ve gained their focus. You can also use other third-party Instagram tools to increase engagement.

Create Images or Graphics for Certain Content

Original content used in your social media postings can make your content, page, and brand more engaging. In the interest of speed and convenience, businesses rely primarily on stock images for their illustrations on blog posts and social media. However, this can be detrimental. It’s not always the best method to convey what the content of a post is actually about.

Instead, you can research design tools, employ an artist to design unique images for your blog posts, or create them yourself with platforms like Canva. People tend to focus more on images than text, so be creative and vibrant. Let people know the content of your blog post with your photo easy to read.

Show Off Customer Testimonials

Peer-to-peer suggestions are among the most effective ways to guide potential customers down the right path. Make sure your followers know that your customers appreciate your company by posting reviews on social media. You can also create pictures to go with them to give more excitement to your article. Check out what we’ve created for one of our customers, Scheffey Marketing.

Share Articles You Find Interesting

Don’t only share your content through social. Being a credible voice in your field, You should also be sharing content that other people are creating that you like and believe your readers will find interesting. This will help you to mix up your feed while maintaining the content quality you share well.

Make social media a rage. These suggestions can increase your engagement and improve your results. They will be more effective as opposed to posting the same content repeatedly.

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