Are iBeacon App the Next Game Changer in Customer Engagement?

In this day and age of constant effort to improve loyalty & customer satisfaction, beacons provide companies with an advantage to establish a more personal connection with their customers. In addition, unlike other location-based technologies like Near Field Communication, BLE technology is available on the majority of mobile platforms. Thus, with the ease of use of custom iBeacon app development technology & the increasing use of smartphones. Businesses have the opportunity now to boost customer engagement by making use of beacons.

Many verticals, from museums, stadiums, to airlines, and retail have deployed beacons to improve their relations with their customers. Most marketers have misconceptions regarding the security and privacy concerns of beacons.

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Beacons: Introduction

Beacons are iBeacon suitable Bluetooth-low energy gadgets that transmit their unique identifier to portable electronic devices in the vicinity. The transmissions are received by tablets, smartphones as well as other devices. which are close to an IBeacon.

The identifier transmitted by the beacon could be used to pinpoint the device’s location. It triggers actions based on the location of the device such as push notifications, content display and so on.

How does iBeacon Work?

IBeacons are built on Bluetooth low-energy proximity sensing. They transmit an unicode identifier to all devices they are able to identify the device’s physical position.

By utilizing Bluetooth low-energy devices, the custom iBeacon app development technology is able to define a specific area within an object. This allows users of an iOS device to detect the time it’s been in or out of the area. Also, devices can use smaller or larger batteries that are externally charged for a longer time.

Beacon Enhancing the Customer Engagement

The iBeacon app development enhances the customer engagement discussed here below.

1.     Universities

Lecture halls that are world-class and amphitheaters on campus are now using beacon technology. This allows students and staff to manage and interact with the physical environment surrounding them, via smartphones.

The brand new Tonsley Park campus located in South Australia is tightly integrating Estimote beacons into beacon platforms. This makes control of in-room lighting as well as projectors and screens an effortless experience for the user. With more than 200 iBeacons in place across the campus, the platform triggers lighting and systems in classrooms. The beacons can detect students’ or staff members using smartphones and provide them with immediate access to the projectors and lights within the classroom. Also, hire top iBeacon app development companies to install this technology to perfection.

2.     Banks

The long lines at the bank are among the things that the majority of customers dislike. With the aid of beacons, banks can put the time they spend waiting to use by providing relevant digital content in accordance with the interests and profile of customers. Recently, Harbin Bank in China said that most customers find educational digital content with different bank offerings very helpful. So, you can use beacons to attract customers by providing digital information. Moreover, it includes news on banking services, bank videos or information on price of stocks direct to mobile phones.

3.     Adventure Parks

One of the greatest applications of mobile apps for theme parks are floor maps. In terms of educating visitors of their location within the park, beacons play a vital function. For instance, visitors could receive greetings from the park before they arrive at the gate. To keep them up-to-date, it is also possible to use the messages to notify them. When they choose a specific attraction or restaurant within the park, the beacons can help them navigate the park with the exact location in real time.

Furthermore, since they have access to real-time data, parks are also able to utilize beacons to detect hotspots. They also notify security regarding overcrowded areas that are more vulnerable to security attacks. Employ top iBeacon app development companies for effective use of this rising technology.

4.     Events

Networking is among the primary reasons why people attend events. You can increase the engagement of your guests to new heights by integrating beacons in the mobile application. You can ask guests to sign up before the event, or by implementing a LinkedIn integration. After that, it is possible to use beacons to notify users when they are in close proximity.

5.     Restaurants

It is possible to set up beacons in strategic places around your restaurant. You can collect huge amounts of untapped information about your customers. This can range with the number of beacons used to determine patterns of traffic within the restaurant. Once you have this information put in place, you will be able to quickly use it to gain insight and improve the distribution of staff and services.

It’s a great way to decrease your customers’ wait time. You can keep them informed of the amount of people who are in your restaurant in real-time. This is achievable with the help of beacons within your establishment. All in all, this will give you real-time data about the number of people eating at your establishment at any given time.

For best use of iBeacon app development, seek expert assistance from the best iBeacon app development company around.

Last Say

It is crucial that companies take advantage of the latest technologies to interact with their customers more effectively. As customers’ needs change, so do their wants and desires. The companies who adopt and utilize custom iBeacon app development technology to their advantage will be at the top of the game in the future.

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