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Complete Guide On Developing A Freelance App

Freelance App

Nowadays, the demand for freelance jobs is increasing massively. Lots of people prefer freelancer jobs rather than full-time jobs for several reasons. Hence, the popularity of freelancing job sites is getting extensive growth at present. If you have an interest in launching a freelance portal, our article might appear to be helpful undoubtedly. 

However, before you develop a Freelance app, you have to understand why job seekers prioritize freelance jobs to a large extent first. Hence, go through the following article to find more about the freelancer clone app

The main reasons behind the popularity of freelancing jobs among the jobseeker candidates:-

Now, let’s take a look at which features you should include on your freelancer clone apps. 

Some efficient features you must include on your freelance clone portal:

Freelance apps have some relevant features that attract candidates to keep themselves attached to that platform. Except for those, your newly-developed freelance application will be uncompleted. 

i) Authenticity of the jobseeker profile:

At first, candidates will create their profiles by submitting the required details in your job portal. After that, you have to evaluate those credentials to ensure if they are authentic or not. For further verification, you can ask them to submit their photo id proof. Legitimation is all you need to maintain throughout the process. 

ii) Portfolio of the candidates: 

It would be best to keep different segments in your freelance job portals where candidates can upload their work samples to clarify their expertise. By observing these portfolios, employers will shortlist them. 

iii) Search option: 

Input a separate search field in your freelance app so that candidates become able to reach their desired jobs among thousands of various job listings. Without having a discrete search field, finding a suitable option from numerous job listings might appear to be pretty challenging and overwhelming. 

iv) Bidding feature: 

It is clearly visible that a freelance candidate will get projects on a bidding basis. So, your app must have a bidding feature where employers can allocate their maximum payment range for the project, and job seekers can mention their desired bids also. 

v) In-app messaging:

Your freelance job offering app should have an in-app messaging feature so that employers and candidates can chat with each other regarding payment or project-related discussions. If any inconvenience occurs, these discussions will help to resolve the issue. 

vi) Payment:

Having a convenient integrated payment option is mandatory. Besides, the payment process should be password-protected and secured to keep the process confidential. 

vii) The dashboard for the employers and job seekers:

The employer should have a separate dashboard where they can get information like the number of posted projects, payment confirmation, overall details of the assigned project, and candidates.

On the other hand, job seekers must have an individual dashboard feature in the freelancing app that incorporates information like the number and details of taken projects, given deadline, payment, etc. 

viii) Admin dashboard:

The admin’s dashboard is a special all-around tool that will track the in-app activities of the candidates and the employers on your behalf. Hence, keep your admin’s dashboard intact and agile so that you can maintain the trustworthiness and advancement of your freelancing app. 

ix) Analytics tool:

The analytics tool will allow you to evaluate the performance of your newly-developed freelancing portal, including its functionality, loading time, and users experiences. With the help of the generated result, you can improve the performance of your application further. You can take our expert’s suggestions to top freelancer clone app

How you can generate revenue through a freelance portal:-

In this freelance job portal, you will act as a middle man and try to solve the disputes if any occur. Besides, you will need to keep yourself focused on the in-app activities of the employers and the job seekers. Hence, you can charge them for the services they are getting in your job portals. 

  1. Commission fees: You can generate good revenue from your job portal by imposing a reasonable percentage of commission fees or selling fees on the employers and job seekers working actively in your freelancing app. Employers will have to pay commissions when they get candidates to accomplish their projects. Similarly, candidates will pay you commission fees when they get their payment after completing a project successfully. Although, these commission fees should never exceed a certain limit. 
  1. Transaction fees: You can charge a specific percentage on every transaction that takes place on your freelancing job app.
  1. Advertising: Businesses willing to publish their advertisement in your portal will pay you the advertising fees. Moreover, if any company or employer wants to feature their profile in your job portals, they will pay you instead of it. Hence, you’re likely to generate a massive revenue amount once your new job portal makes its way through the freelancing marketplace business


The competition between the freelancing marketplace business is increasing enormously. Therefore, you will need to acquire some sort of efficient knowledge so that you can fulfill the expectations of the users. You can make your choice between either developing a generic freelancing platform or a business model. If you want to know more about the freelancer clone app. 

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