Frequently asked questions about the recurrence of the cataract surgery

A cataract is an eye condition under which your eye’s natural lens starts to be affected, and you may lose your eyesight gradually. Under this condition, lens protein begins to break down, resulting in your vision becoming hazy, less colorful, and foggy. Generally, this problem starts occurring when you are turning into your sixties. Although you can correct this problem with cataract surgery, immediately contact the best eye doctor in Punjab when you get to know that your vision is starting to blur. Because causing more delay may create numerous complications during cataract surgery.

Is cataract surgery scary?

It is a universal truth that everybody feels slightly nervous when opting for any surgical procedure. So people may also feel somewhat panicked when they opt for a cataract procedure that is not a big deal. Despite all this, cataract is one of the safest and most accurate types of modern treatment options under which millions of masses get their vision back.

Moving further, there is no need to panic because before commencing the procedure, your doctor will apply an anesthetic medication to your eye so that you will not feel uncomfortable during the whole operation. After the surgery, if you honestly follow your doctor’s instructions, you will get positive outcomes within a few weeks of recovery.

What happens during cataract surgery?

A cataract turns your natural eye lens into a cloudy one that interrupts your eyesight and stops you from recognizing near or far objects, especially at night. Under the procedure of cataract, an eye surgeon eradicates an infected eye lens with a new lens made from plastic (also known as an artificial lens) and an intraocular lens (IOL). IOL (intraocular lens) enhances your vision by rectifying all refractive errors such as myopia, presbyopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

Furthermore, the problem of cataracts not only affects old age masses but is now also taking hold of adults. So if you want to prevent your eyes from this condition, visit the best cataract hospital in Punjab and meet well-qualified and intelligent doctors.

Can cataracts grow back?

There is no chance of cataract growth because, during the cataract operation, an eye surgeon alleviates the natural lens and adds a new lens in the place of the previous one or infected one. However, after having cataract surgery, some individuals may face blurry eyes for a few days, the same as the signs of a cataract. This happens due to the membrane that spreads around. This condition is also famous as PCO (posterior capsular opacification). To treat this problem, a procedure of laser surgery (known as YAG capsulotomy) comes in front. This procedure is straightforward and takes less time to treat posterior capsular opacification (PCO) and confer clear vision.

If you have more questions about the problem of cataracts, we encourage you to visit the Mitra Eye Hospital and Lasik Laser Center where a team of intelligent and experienced doctors will address your queries and confer appropriate solutions to correct your poor vision.

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