Game Development Courses in the UK

When the people in the pandemic were suffering meanwhile, the gaming industry was booming. This means that the opportunists never wait for any circumstances. For students who want to study Game Development Courses in the UK, then this blog will give an answer to them.

Why choose Game development Courses in the UK?

UK has a bulk of highly developed nations. If we talk of the top technology-providing country, UK comes first in the mind. It consists of high-tech-nations that include England and Scotland. When it comes to Gaming Industries, The UK, USA, and Canada are considered the best countries. These countries have highly advanced Gaming technology.

The Gaming courses in UK are available in many Universities. The UK is counted as the top Gaming education providing country at an affordable price to the International students. This field is quite different from other fields. In this field, the student does not get a job on the basis of the degree completion. Here, he gets it through the skills and experience he has in game development.

UK Universities provide great courses in the gaming field and also great jobs. The UK Universities work on the overall development of the students and provide them with a better platform.

What do you understand by Game development?

Game development is a wide term that includes various things. In general terms, it means to develop or create a game design. It is an art that provides the platform for the student to convert the real world into a playable world.  The best part of game development and designing is that it does not require any coding. Students from any background can learn game designing easily.

There are various components required to develop any game. The components include story formation, choice of characters, audio, art, lighting, etc. The major things which will make you a game developer are:

  • Programming
  • 3D Modelling
  • Concept art
  • Sound design
  • Indie

Is game development courses in the UK a good career for the future?

“The only way to how to do a thing is to do it”- William Painter 

The words of William painter are quite inspiring and are also true to a large extent. Students always get confused if they pursue their career in game development. They think that are they able to get a good job in this? Are they able to make good money? Do this industry will flourish or will blemish in the coming years? And many more questions which create doubt in the student’s mind.

All these doubts of yours will get resolved here in the following points:

  • The gaming industry has become the world’s largest industry. Currently, this gaming industry stands at 150 billion dollars and counting.
  • The game development and designing industry is growing exponentially and will keep growing every single day. However, the demands for this industry will not be blemished.
  • The employability rate in the game designing course or the game development course is excessively high. This is because of the growing demand and higher requirements of gaming professionals.
  • The professionals of game designing and development have the benefit as they can work from home also and can be a part of a huge team also.
  • The Game designing employees receive high salaries due to large demands. Also, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. The salary of the game developer is 18% higher than the Software developer. So, you can see a difference and can surely go for it.

Eligibility Criteria to apply in UK Universities for gaming courses

As we know, India has become the 2nd largest mobile market after China, and so is the game industry. It is clear from the point that if a student wants to pursue gaming courses in the UK then he can do that. The eligibility criteria for the gaming courses require:

For undergraduate courses

  • 60% in higher secondary (12th) with mathematics.
  • IELTS score of 6.0 overall with no band less than 5.5
  • TOEFL score of 54+
  • PTE score of 54 not less than 57.
  • Language tests (IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE) are valid for 2.5 years.
  • Portfolio required.
  • No education gap is accepted.

For post-graduation courses

  • 55% or above in bachelors with mathematics and some knowledge of programming.
  • Work experience of 3 years in the related field.
  • Language tests (IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE) are valid for 2.5 years and scores are the same as for UG.
  • Portfolio required.
  • Education gap accepted but should be justified.

Universities offering the gaming Courses in UK

There is some university that offers gaming courses at affordable prices in the UK. Some of the Universities are:

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