Game modes in Gartic Phone

  1. Overview of Gartic Phone

Gartic Phone is the successor of two popular web games and, allowing you to play with up to 30 people on a web browser. The game also has a Vietnamese name, Three Stars Seven, in which many people will draw the same picture according to their understanding for others to guess.

2. Gameplay

Gartic is a phone game that you can play on your computer or mobile device. The player’s task is to help the character named Gartic win all the levels. The game is played by giving him different tasks to do in order to move forward. There are also power-ups for Gartic to help him accomplish his goals faster.


The principle of the game of Gartic Phone is quite simple: the first player gives a sentence, then the second player has to draw for the next person to guess. Then the fourth player has to draw to guess the sentence that the third player understands, etc. At the end of the game, everyone will compare the last guess with the starting one. In fact, the more players there are, the fewer similar sentences will be!

  • Invite a friend to a call (e.g. Discord, Zoom, etc.).
  • Each player will write an interesting sentence.
  • You will get a quirky sentence to draw.
  • You will try to describe the drawing.
  • Then see the results and enjoy the good laughs.

4. Game mode in Gartic Phone

Gartic phone is a fun game with 13 different game modes. Each mode is a different mission and the difficulty also increases.

  •  Normal

This is the first game mode of Gartic Phone. Normal is not difficult, simple, and not challenging. You have enough time to write suggestions and draw everything you want. Normal Mode is suitable for new players to Gartic Phone.

  • Knock-off

This is the first game mode of Gartic Phone. Normal is not difficult, simple, and not challenging. You have enough time to write suggestions and draw everything you want. Normal Mode is suitable for new players to Gartic Phone.

  • Secret

As the name suggests, you will never see what you’re doing during your turn. When writing suggestions, your words will be moderated. When drawing, the screen goes blank. Those limitations make the challenge at Secret really difficult. You have to do your best to draw exactly what your friends want to convey.

  • Animation

The three-star game option with the finest animation swiftly rose to the top. Writing exercises are not provided here. Drawing the initial frame of an animation will be your first task. The latter will get a sketch of your painting that is hazy. If they want, they can find it and tweak it a little. This mode’s objective is to provide straightforward animations with seamless transitions. You’ll need good teamwork between you and your teammates to do it.

  •  Ice Breaker

A casual game mode is called Ice Breaker. Write ideas first, although Gartic Phone also welcomes queries in this mode. For instance, enquire as to your friends’ preferred movies.

Everyone will get a chance to sketch using the cue after selecting a question. The intriguing aspect of this mode is found in the last stage. All of the participants’ work is displayed in the game. The real significance of the original photograph can then be reviewed and discussed. You can easily get to know everyone who plays Gartic Phone thanks to this game.

  • Complement

Complement is similar to Ice Breaker but a bit more difficult. First, Gartic Phone asks you to draw a few random lines on a blank page. You have very little time to do this, so it is not possible to draw the details. Next, everyone will have the opportunity to add to those lines to see what they can create.

  • Score

Many painting games like Jackbox have a scoring or voting system to add competition to the event. Gartic Phone’s Score mode is similar. Each time you write or draw something similar to the previous hint, you will get one point.

  • Speedrun

Speedrun is the main game mode of Gartic Phone. Here you have to draw or describe the previous hint over and over again. This game mode also has a shorter time limit. Therefore, you are forced to try to draw faster. This is a good mode for those who want to quickly play a game with friends. It makes for a fun chaotic experience when you’re trying to figure out what your friends are drawing.

  • Sandwich

Sandwich is similar to Knock-off. You are only allowed to view the previous image before you start drawing. Sandwich adds the final stage of writing as an experience-sharing tool. After a series of copied paintings, isn’t it interesting to see how the original suggestion and the work you drew are different?

  • Crowd

The crowd is the perfect game mode for a Gartic Phone multiplayer group, up to 30 people at a time. In Crowd mode, you will still draw pictures according to the suggestion. However, not every turn you can participate in. With fewer turns plus a faster time limit, Crowd ensures everyone can enjoy Gartic Phone without being stretched too long.

  • Background

The background is more structured and open when compared to Animation mode. Additionally, you’ll be able to duplicate the brushstrokes of others, but this time, the backdrop layer will always be there in every frame. The background layer was already drawn, removing the requirement for the previous frame’s unique context, allowing the player to understand the basic concept more clearly.

  • Solo

In Solo mode, you paint your own picture. You have 5 frames to complete. You’ll see your previous design in a blur at each turn, allowing you to track it and make the desired small changes. This is the only Gartic Phone mode that you can play alone.

5. Conclusion

Gartic Phone is a fun game that helps you relax after stressful working or studying hours. The game has a unique concept and logic behind everything. It is a browser-based game. If you want to experience games similar to Gartic Phone, let’s try some suggestions above.


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