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Get the real perfection with Optic STB GT-X DUO

There is no doubt that set-top boxes facilitate our lives to a great extent. It makes our life easier. It has extended our entertainment zone with its amazing features. Now, you are not bound to watch your favorite content at a fixed time or according to the choice of cable operators. You don’t have to bear buffering and freezing with the help of Smart IPTV. It means a completely clear crystal image. Furthermore, you can enjoy the dynamic sound with its amazing accessories. There is a saving option in which you can keep your favorite program as much time as you want. In case of a busy schedule, you don’t have to skip the program. Because the show can be recorded and watched later whenever you find a peaceful environment for it.

Moreover, it comes with efficient RAM so you don’t have to stare at the look waiting for content. The apps will load up in less than a few seconds. There are thousands of built-in games and applications in it, which is enough for long-term enjoyment. But you are not restricted to using only them, as it’s Google Play Store so you can download any app whatever want.


Every set-top box has different features. Some have 8GB internal storage while other has 16 or 32GB storage. Some boxes support HD content while the efficient one supports 4K output resolution. In short, there is a specification difference in all of them. Moreover, many brands are selling their IPTV Box Android at very high rates based on their market reputation. If we examine their product description, there are no admirable features in them. On the other hand, some brands lower their product prices just to attract customers. As they provide the services at low rates, the quality is also very cheap.


If you are willing to save your precious money and want to obtain the best TV box, then don’t waste your time and give a try to Optic STB TV boxes. According to their current users, they have a strong technical team that is continuously busy introducing incredible boxes with mind-blowing features. There is constant innovation in their business model from time to time. Even their RCU’s contain those features that are not available in any other product RCU’S.

For increasing the weightage of our claim, we are going to compare one of the optic products (Optic STB GT-X DUO) with the three most reputed brand products. It includes (Xsarius-Q3, Formuler Z7+, and Fire TV Stick 4K Max)



  1. RAM Efficiency
  2. UI Design
  3. Storage efficiency
  4. Unboxing Experience


RAM is considered as one of the most important features not only in TV boxes but in all electronic devices. It is a feature on which the overall system performance of Smart TV Boxes depends. RAM helps to speed up the loading time of applications. It means you can access your desired content on a short-term basis. It performs its function by storing the particular information that is frequently used by the user. So, that you don’t have to wait for your search content.

Optic STB GT-X DUO Comparison has an incredible RAM capacity of 4GB. Because the company tries their best to facilitate their customers to a large extent. Now, your content is just one click away.

But this is not much possible in the case of other products. Let’s talk about Xsarius-Q3, a well-known brand in the market of TV boxes. This box comes with a RAM of 1GB which is extremely less if you compare other products with this especially in this age of advancement. While the other product i.e. Formuler Z7+ and Fire TV Stick 4K Max, them has 2GB RAM. No doubt, it is much better than Xsarius one but still cannot be kept on the level of GT-X DUO.


User interface (UI) design is a single term but it has a large meaning like it’s a whole process. A process in which experts build different interfaces like voice and others. These interfaces are built-in software and digital devices. It requires a lot of effort. Not everyone can build it. Like professionals have to take care of the looks and style of the particular product. A UI design should be easy and simple to use for the customers.

Optic STB GT-X DUO Comparison is uniquely designed in every aspect. It has an efficient UI design that is easily understandable even by a minor person. It helps you to get rid of complicated settings and make the whole usage process simple and pleasurable. While other three products (Xsarius-Q3, Formuler Z7+, and Fire TV Stick 4K Max) have an extremely complicated User Interface design. You can’t set it up without much technical knowledge or the help of an expert. It means you have to wait for a long time for watching your content and for understanding its functionality.


The reason for taking the turn from cable is not only to watch content in better quality. There are many reasons due to which people change their way of watching. As we all know that life gets very busier than before. People don’t get time for spending with their loved ones. But on the same side, entertainment was also necessary. In this way, companies introduce a feature of saving programs in their TV boxes. This feature allows people to store their content in case of busy schedules. So that they can watch it whenever they are available.

Optic STB GT-X DUO Comparison is an ideal option in respect of this feature. You can enjoy 32GB internal storage with this TV box which is extremely sufficient for making a long list of programs. It does not bound you the amount for saving content. While the other three products (Xsarius-Q3, Formuler Z7+, and Fire TV Stick 4K Max) offer 8GB of internal storage. It allows you to save content but due to its less storage efficiency, you are restricted for a limited amount. After some time, there will be the stage when their systems start asking you to delete the old data for saving a new one which is completely frustrating.


Optic STB GT-X DUO Comparison will surely amaze you by its way of packaging. The company packed its product by keeping every little detail in mind. They facilitate the customer with various useful accessories without which you don’t have the proper vibes of TV boxes. It also helps you to save money. Their boxes contain a Power adapter, HDMI cable, highly advanced and efficient Remote Control Unit, and last but not least an Optical Cable. If you don’t have much info about optical cable, we would love to tell you about it. An optical cable helps you get dynamic and cinematic sound. All you have to do is to attach it to your external sound system.

While the other brand does not even bother the packaging. They keep the box as their priority. You can get a few accessories with the other products (Xsarius-Q3, Formuler Z7+, and Fire TV Stick 4K Max) but not an advanced RCU and an Optical Cable. For getting them, they force you to buy them separately by saying that the box does not perform its functions properly without them. It means double expense.

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