How does live streaming helps in creating brand authenticity.?

When live shopping was first brought to the e-commerce sector, many industry experts predicted it would become a huge trend with the potential to dominate the sector in the future. However, several experts were unsure of the trend’s ability to last in such a large sector. Over the time, the success of live video shopping in the internet retail sector has now been established, so any remaining doubts may be set aside.

The unexpected outbreak was a significant factor in the resurrection of this shopping strategy. This method of shopping is the one that most closely mimics traditional offline shopping for nations and localities that are still experiencing lockdown. Customers have the option to view product demonstrations in real-time and provide comments, which enables the business to receive feedback right away.

Let’s go back in time to better understand live shopping. Live shopping networks like QVC and the Home Shopping Channel began to appear on television in the late 1970s and early to mid-1980s, initially in North America and then internationally.

These channels were designed solely for the sale of clothing, accessories, and cosmetic products. When celebrity-backed products started to circulate in the market, the channels had their go-to hosts, and important people would show up to make direct sales pitches to viewers.

The impact of live streaming in creating brand authenticity

The fascinating aspect of live streaming is in the typically very edited realm of social media. It implies that anything can happen, viewers might have an impact on the result, nobody can remove an unpleasant photo, and there are limited opportunities to catch the ideal moment.

Engaging with their customers on this new platform might teach brands a lot. The utilization of live streaming video on social commerce platforms could provide marketers with a greater view of the lives of their customers and the ways in which they use their products.

On the other hand, live streaming video could be used by merchants and brands to increase authenticity. The consequences might be quite intriguing and profitable for social commerce. Many brands and retailers may benefit from live broadcasting by adding an aspect of authenticity. It presents a chance for firms to provide consumers with a raw glimpse at how their businesses operate.

Brands that care about society and the environment could broadcast live videos of their factories. Startups could broadcast videos of the vibrant and exciting work environment. Fashion and beauty companies might record unedited videos of actual clients using their items.

How Does Live Commerce Create Value?

The retail and e-commerce systems can greatly profit from live stream shopping. Customers may watch the products in real-time, ask questions if they have any, and even buy them right away from the live feed. Here is a list of some of its most important advantages.

  • Accelerates product sales

Why By allowing website visitors to make purchases immediately from the live stream, our customers increased sales for broadcast watchers by 5X.

  • Online trading experience

When compared to standard online retail, live stream purchasing is the most like being able to interact with your clients in person.

  • Provides more value

Live shopping makes it possible to provide clients with personalized, one-to-many experiences that take into account their individual preferences.

  • More enjoyable and faster

Why If a customer can speak with a brand expert in real-time online without having to visit a physical store, they believe the online purchasing process to be more fun and quick.

  • Convenient to use

Making online purchases while using live shopping is quite convenient. You don’t need to leave your house.

  • Presence of the human element

Why Live stream shopping precisely gives the human element that is necessary for buyers to experience a sense of connection to the business.

  • Diverse options

There are numerous alternatives to living stream purchasing. You can introduce new products, collaborate with influencers or other businesses, tell your audience about specific products, and much more.

How did Live Streaming Commerce Emerge?

Live streaming commerce is a service that mixes live video broadcasting with quick purchases. This support can come from either selling real products live during a stream or from getting it through a chat feature or reaction buttons from a social community. Mobile apps and chatbots streamline online customer care. We can now all expect individualized recommendations thanks to machine learning technologies. Additionally, overnight shipping is typical. The next big thing is live shoppable video, and it’s already having a big influence on business.

The emergence of Livestream commerce emerged to influence business models which include influencers, retailers, and celebs so that they can sell products and services via online video streaming. Also, the person demonstrating discusses the offering and answers queries by people in real-time. A Livestream session could occur on a social networking network or an e-commerce website. Influencers can arrange Livestream events advertising goods from multiple suppliers, and it can be brand- or store-specific.

However, live selling, often known as live video commerce, mixes live streaming and internet shopping. A Facebook live sale viewer can make a direct purchase of the items being presented without ever leaving the social media site. It is actually fairly comparable to those late-night infomercials where you can watch the product being shown and then call to make a purchase if you give it some thought. Its natural digital successor is live commerce. Contact us

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