January 29, 2023

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  1. IKEA car shades
    IKEA car shades have become one of the most common types of shades among customers in the previous period, due to their modern and distinctive aesthetic shape, which adds elegance, comfort, sophistication and luxury to the place.
    Ikea car shades have the following advantages:
    ● IKEA car shades are distinguished by their wonderful and attractive shape, which they give to the house, villa, or other things.
    ● Their prices are commensurate with all types of customers and their different financial capabilities.
    ● Their prices vary with respect to the space, location and size of the canopy that the customer desires.
    ● Multiple shapes and different covers in order for the customer to get what he dreams of.
    ● Simple and easy to disassemble, transport and install.
    ● There are a lot of colors that suit the place’s decorations.
    ● Providing maximum shade and total isolation from the sun and providing a distinctive atmosphere under it.
    Ready-made car awnings
    We offer our valued customers the latest forms of ready-made car shades made of the finest materials. We offer plastic wood car shades, which is one of the most famous types of shades in Riyadh and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, due to the high quality features it offers, as it is characterized by resistance to moisture and high climate temperatures, as well as water resistance Rain that causes damage to wood and exposes it to decay and erosion, in addition to resistance to fungi, and so on.
    We also offer wooden car shades, which are one of the most popular types among customers due to its distinction among other types of shades, as it is made of a steel metal structure and coated with insulating materials that guarantee protection from moisture, rain and heat to give it the longest warranty period against damage and corrosion.
    Aluminum car sunshades
    Sometimes customers need to install aluminum car shades, and this is because it provides a sure protection and complete insulation from heat and rain.
    In addition to the fact that it is not exposed to damage quickly and the length of its warranty period, as well as its distinctive touch to the general shape of the garden with its distinctive and elegant designs.
    Aluminum car shades are not only installed in cars, but can be used in balconies and windows of small sizes in order to completely block and isolate the heat of the sun and rain water that can seep into the rooms.
    Movable car umbrellas
    Mobile car canopies, whether working with the electric or manual system, which are one of the best types of umbrellas that greatly facilitate the matter for customers, as they are characterized by keeping pace with the modern technical and technological era, which makes them a heavy demand from customers.
    In addition, it provides the best decorative form for the place and provides the highest protection for the place from sunlight and climate, as it can be installed in cars, patios, balconies, windows and other places, and there are types of moving umbrellas, including remote control mobile umbrellas and manual umbrellas that operate by the manual system for opening and closing.
    It is also characterized by its distinctive prices, which make it the ideal choice for customers in providing the required protection and comfort in dealing with them, as well as saving money as much as possible.
    Car sunshades
    In order to provide customers with a choice of what suits their tastes, we offer them many different shapes of umbrellas that are installed in cars or anywhere else, namely:
    ● pyramidal car umbrellas.
    ● Arched car canopies.
    ● Circular car canopies.
    ● Semi-circular car canopies.
    ● Car Domes Awnings.
    ● Conical car sunshades.
    ● Eight car umbrellas.
    car awnings prices
    We provide our valued customers with the cheapest prices for car shades of all kinds that are easy to disassemble and install, and modern and modern designs and shapes.
    We also offer discounts and special offers to our distinguished customers who have previously dealt with us, as well as new customers.
    The prices of the umbrellas in general vary according to the space of the place and the materials used in the manufacture and installation of the umbrellas.
    As we choose the best international raw materials that guarantee us the longest warranty period for the customer and help to resist the climate with its harsh factors.
    That is why we ask our dear customers to call our numbers available at the bottom of the page to contact us and get our services at special and very special prices.

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