How to Fix QuickBooks Company File Error 6000 82

.Today in this article we are going to discuss one of the common company file errors that create trouble for numerous QuickBooks users opening the company file. and appears with error code 6000 82. Several 6000 series errors arise in QuickBooks. However, all these errors are related to the company file but give different error messages and hinder different operations in the application. You might bring a blunder message “An error occurred when QuickBooks attempted to access the company file. Please try again.” If you are also getting such an error message with error code 6000, 82 then follow the detailed troubleshooting method mentioned further in this article for a quick resolution.

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Reasons that Cause QuickBooks Error 6000 82

The prime reason for getting error 6000 82 in QuickBooks Desktop is the unavailability of the company file that QuickBooks is trying to access, and there could be various reasons for this to happen. Below, we have listed all the reasons that cause error 6000 82 in QuickBooks.

  1. QuickBooks company file is located on some other computer in the network that the user can’t access.
  2. Incorrect internet connection settings interrupting QuickBooks Desktop connection with the host computer
  3. Outdated QuickBooks Desktop application also triggers error 6000 82.
  4. The Company file is missing from the host computer.
  5. Corrupt installation of QuickBooks Desktop software on the client’s computer.
  6. Damaged or corrupt QuickBooks company file.
  7. QuickBooks is running under single-user mode on the computer that is hosting the company file.

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The solution to QuickBooks Error 6000 82

Few Key Points to Take into Account

  1. Ensure that your QuickBooks Desktop software has the latest updates installed before following the troubleshooting steps to fix error 6000 82.
  2. Check if the company file is available on the host computer.
  3. Run Verify / Rebuild Data Toulon the workstation that is hosting the company file to ensure that there is no data damage in the company file.
  4. Make sure that QuickBooks is running under Multi-User mode on the system that has the company file. (If you are getting the error on the host computer then select turn-off hosting multi-user on the system.)

Solution 1: Rename the Company File

  1. Open Windows File Manager and type C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\ in the address bar at the top and press Enter.
  2. Another method is to right-click the QuickBooks icon on your Desktop and select Open File Location to get the Company File folder.
  3. Right-click the company file with .qbwextension and delete any spaces from the name.
  4. Make sure that there are no special characters in the file name and the name must not be more than 64 characters.
  5. Save the file name and try to open it from QuickBooks, if the error persists then follow the next step for a solution.

Solution 2: Run QuickBooks File Doctor on the System that is experiencing the Error

  1. Follow the link and download QuickBooks File Doctor.
  2. Open the downloaded file from under the downloads of your computer named as exe.
  3. Follow the instructions displayed on your screen to install QuickBooks File Doctor.
  4. If the File Doctor does not open automatically then double-click the green color File Doctor icon on your Desktop.
  5. Browse and select the Company File if it does not appear in the list.
  6. Select Both file damage and network connectivity and enter your administrator password if prompted.
  7. Now select between Workstation and Server. (If you are running File Doctor on the Host computer then select Server or else select Workstation.)
  8. Click Yes if you are running File Doctor on the Host computer and click. No, if you are using it on a workstation in the network.
  9. QuickBooks File Doctor will now repair all the errors with the network and the company file.

We hope the article will help you get rid of QuickBooks Error 6000 82 and in the case for some reason, the error is still bothering you then you can get help resolving it. the error by getting in touch with one of our Certified QuickBooks Technical Support Experts at 1.855.738.2784

Are you getting an error message, “An error happened when QuickBooks attempted to access the company file? Please try again.” with error code 6000 82? If yes then this article is for you as we have mentioned all the errors’ reasons along with the troubleshooting method that will help you resolve the error in the shortest time possible. Follow the complete article for more info.

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