How to Make a Family Tree 2022-2023

A family tree provides a visual representation of an individual’s lineage and helps trace relationships to common ancestors. This diagram is the same as an org chart and is typically presented in the form of a tree structure that starts with an individual as the root. Lines that represent branches terminate in boxes from the root that further represents leaves. Every leaf shows the individual family members and provides information including birth, marriage, and death dates. A family tree diagram, also known as a genealogy chart, eases the whole process of recording the places, people, and events making up the family history. It can then be shared with others.

Why Should We Create a Family Tree?

For all those people who are interested in their ancestry and want to have all the information about themselves then they should create a genealogy chart.

There are several reasons why a person should make their family trees. These include:

  • Lets you connect with your heritage.
  • Helps you trace your genetics and know about your family health concerns.
  • It is a great way to learn about your family’s history related to historical events.
  • It also is a great way to inculcate interest in your children and enable them to learn about their ancestors and preserve family stories.
  • Is quite fun!

How Can We Draw a Family Tree Chart?

It all depends on the individual where he wants it as simple or complicated. In a simple genealogy chart, you can find yourself, your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Wherever a complicated chart consists of you, your parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, and so on. It all comes down to the individual how far he wants to go and who to include.

Before starting drawing your family tree, it is advisable to do some planning. There are certain things that you should consider:

  • How deep do you want to go and research?
  • Is there someone in the family who can provide you with information to get started?
  • What specific information (marriages, births, or deaths) are you in need of?
  • Are you looking to add pictures of your ancestors to every leaf and where can you find them?

You may also want to decide the direction in which you want to draw the tree. Looking at a few of the examples of family trees can prove helpful in drawing your own tree.

Keeping the below points in mind will enable you to be on the right track while drawing your family tree.

  • Collect Information About Your Family

Firstly, you should note down all the information you know and reach out to your family members to fill in the gaps and find the relevant pictures and documents. You can also visit online genealogy sources and libraries to search for news stories, census records, land deeds, and various documents that can help verify your ancestry. You should keep in mind that you can only go back so far due to the limited availability of reliable records.

  • Get an Outline Ready of the Family Tree

Creating an outline of your family tree will be helpful for you. You can start with yourself and then draw your ancestors. You can also start from the oldest ancestor you know and then trace it forward to you. Hiring a professional genealogists company can help you go about the process in an easy manner. You should know the family tree research cost of the company to make sure you don’t spend much out of your pocket.

  • Add Information to Every Leaf

Every family member is represented by a specific shape that is connected by lines to showcase relationships. Representing relatives is typically done by using a box or rectangle. However, any shape can be used. Every shape is a leaf on the tree. Any of the particular shape that you use as leaves need to be consistent and of a size that can include the information you want to include in the family tree chart.

  • Distribute the Family Tree Diagram

This is an interesting part! Once you are done creating your family tree diagram or genealogy chart, you can share it with the family members to provide them with a chance for reflecting on their genealogy and learn new family stories. You can gather additional information by asking your mentor for more details and other particulars about the topic that might interest you more.

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