How to Split Single vCard .vcf files into Multiple Contacts?

There are several reasons why users want to divide a VCF file into different contacts. A VCF file can contain a single or more vCards. When users have a large number of contacts in their VCF file, they may choose to break the file into sections. There are further causes. In such an instance, someone who wishes to transfer a single contact to another person must break the VCF file. As a result, the user will only get one contact.

Multiple VCF files can be created from a single VCF file. Furthermore, due to the import function’s limitations, it could only load one contact from Multiple VCF Files. As a result, this lesson demonstrates how to split  VCF file into multiple contacts. It also covers how the expert solution, WholeClear VCF Split Tool, works.

A vCard file has the.vcf suffix and is an electronic business card. It enables users to save contacts in various areas of the vCard file. In this day and age, users divide their vCard files into various contacts for personal and corporate purposes. As a result, the user will no longer need to look for divided vCard files. But first, let’s go through why you’d want to extract VCF files.

Manually Splitting VCF File into Multiple Contacts

Obviously, you may manually divide VCF files into multiple contacts, simply follow the instructions. These two methods can assist users in creating a VCF file with several contacts; however, the manual approach has certain restrictions and takes technical expertise to complete. The best way for converting these files is provided. You do not need to be a technical specialist to do this conversion.

First, Convert VCF to Windows Contacts

  • Navigate to C:\Users\username\Contacts and select the Import option.
  • Choose vCard(VCF file) from the ‘Import to Windows Contact’ dialogue box and click Import.
  • Select the VCF file on your PC.
  • To divide the VCF file to many contacts online, click the OK button.
  • A new Property window Popup will appear; make the required adjustments and click the Ok button.

Next, Convert Windows Contacts to Individual VCF Files

  • To begin, head to C:\Users\username\Contacts and click the Export Button.
  • Choose the VCF files and press the Export button.
  • Now select a location to save the VCF files.
  • By selecting the Ok button, you can save individual VCF files.

Limitation of the Manual Process for Splitting Multiple VCF

  • Saving each contact one at a time to Windows Contacts may take a long time. If a vCard has more than 500 contacts, the operation might take several hours.
  • Long Operation: If there are more than 40 files, splitting a VCF vCard file into multiple contacts can be a time-consuming and laborious task.
  • Data Integrity is not guaranteed: Certain contact information may be lost or jumbled up during transmission.
  • Technical Skills Required: Before commencing the task, it is preferable to have a complete understanding of the method. Otherwise, get technical support if you are attempting to divide a Multiple VCF card.
  • Tricky Steps: To many home and non-technical users, certain steps may appear to be technical jargon.

A Perfect Method for Dividing a VCF File into Multiple Contacts

The manual technique is a straightforward repair for specific connections. It is not the greatest method for moving whole mailboxes from one client to another. In such cases, business customers want a more professional solution, such as WholeClear Split vCard Contacts Software.

It is a simple, user-friendly tool that divides a vCard file containing several contacts into separate files. It is a handy tool that has the following features:

  • Split just one VCF file at a time, regardless of size.
  • Only the user-defined contacts should be converted to vCard format.
  • VCF files can be divided into many contacts.
  • Give a thorough examination of VCF contact data.
  • VCF files, regardless of platform, may be scanned and separated.
  • Sorting possibilities
  • attribute-based vcf files or contacts
  • A brilliant piece of software that works with all versions of vCard.
  • App that is completely safe to use for personal and business purposes.


Procedures for Splitting vCard VCF file to Multiple Contacts

  • Install the vCard file splitter program.
  • To add multiple VCF files, select “Add File” and “Add Folder.”

select vcf files

  • Continue by selecting “Export” or “Export Selected.”
  • Next, pick “Split vCard” from the Advanced menu.
  • Select the correct VCF file version.

select output destination

  • Finally, choose the location for the exported VCF files and press the “Process Now” button.

click on process now to split

WholeClear Split VCF Software Highlights:

●    VCF files have been prepared individually

VCF splitter was created to allow users to split a VCF file into separate files and save them. Each VCF file contact will be safely exported to the correct VCF file. As a result, it provides tailored VCF conversion solutions. They are only permitted to contact people who are really required.

●    MSG files may be created from split VCF files.

The VCF Split App allows users to save the divided VCF file in MSG format. After partitioning the VCF file, users will be given two storage alternatives. The first is the VCF format, while the second is the MSG format. Users can select any of the formats that best meet their requirements.

●    Splitting user-supplied vCards

Split VCF is a software that divides filtered vCard files. Users are allowed to select any VCF file they like. Regardless of the infrastructure that supports it. Users can manually select which vCard file’s contacts to divide into multiple VCF files.

●    Display the VCF contact details

The program’s Preview option now allows users to check the whole contacts list of a VCF file that has been loaded to split. This displays a user’s whole contact list in a single VCF file. Users may be certain that their contact files are ready to divide after viewing a complete preview.

●    Contact databases should be kept up to date

Split vCard provides an easy splitting option. It keeps the original contact information, which includes name, address, phone number, email address, photos, and a description. All vCard files are saved with the number, text, and symbol. It is a trustworthy utility.

●  simple to use

Split vCard by wholeClear is a simple software. It is simple to set up and manage. The tool installation method is equally simple, requiring no specialist assistance. The app’s single window will show how to utilise it while preserving data integrity.


Outlook Import is out of date, and the email client has issues with vCard v2.1 files. When importing a previous version of a.vcf file into the software, some fields may be distorted. The article contains one of the best manual ways for dividing a VCF file into many contacts. An automated solution is also mentioned, which simplifies the entire procedure for the user.

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