How to start a barber shop and make it a profitable business?


Your barber shop can be very profitable, providing its owner a high income. However, for that to be the case, it is worth analyzing various possibilities and scenarios first.

Lease positions

The first question you should ask yourself is what function you will perform in your hairdressing salon. Do you want to be his manager and deal only with managing your business, or do you want to work in it as a hairdresser? Because most salons belong to hairdressers, the latter option is by far the most popular, and we will focus on it. There are several business models for running barber shops. In this article, we’ll cover the two most popular ones.

Lease of a hairdressing station

  1. This solution seems to be quite convenient. You, as a hairdresser, occupy one position and lease the remaining ones to other hairdressers. This is the optimal option if you do not yet have many loyal customers lining up for you. This form of running a hairdressing salon is optimal if you manage to serve your clients in one position. The remaining ones are leased to other hairdressers, allowing you to obtain predictable monthly revenues.
  2. However, it also has its drawbacks. When renting positions, it will be much more difficult to impose your expectations regarding, for example, the price level of services provided by other hairdressers or the selection of cosmetics on which they will work. You may not care about it, but at least it is worth taking care not to compete with each other in the price of services. This usually leads to conflicts within the team and becomes an excuse for unnecessary tensions.

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Employment of a hairdresser in the salon

  1. If you are considering this form of running a salon, you have probably come a long way as a hairdresser. For this model to work, you must feel that you already have a large list of clients who would like to sign up for you, but you have to offer them very long dates. You cannot arrange them in advance, working only in one position, constantly crowded with others.
  2. You then hire a hairdresser who will be able to serve your “excess” clients. However, do not forget that they often prefer to come only to you and may feel offended that you are handing them over to “foreign” hands. Then try to show your interest and care at the beginning, during and at the end of the service performed by the hairdresser you employ.
  3. How hard might it be to hire a hairdresser for your salon, though? You have to reckon with the fact that the hairdresser you hire, who, after all, will perform services on your behalf, at the beginning will not perform his work at the level you would expect. However, this should not be a cause for discouragement. Be patient, clarify what you expect from him, spare him your knowledge and send him to hairdressing training as often as possible. It will certainly pay off.

Think about who your client will be

Defining the customer profile is one of the most difficult steps in preparing a barber shop business plan. For example, many people we helped open their hairdressing salons stated that each client would be worth their weight in gold for them. This is understandable, of course, but without imposing a certain framework on oneself, offering customers the services, they expect while maintaining the venture’s profitability will be difficult.

You will probably agree that a different client will visit a hairdressing salon in a large city on the market square or the main street, and another in a small town. So, first, analyze the area in which your salon is located, consider the brand of hairdressing cosmetics you will work on and what competition you have around you. Then, choose your offer properly to the surroundings.

Does the location of a hairdressing salon matter?

It has a huge amount. Hairdressing salon customers can be divided into new and returning customers, and the location of your salon will have a decisive impact on attracting new ones. But you don’t have to pull out your hair if you want to open a salon on the edges, away from the center. Your key to success will be a recommendation, recommending you as a good hairdresser by your satisfied customers. Consolation may also be because most women declare that they are attached to their hairdresser, and the location is less important.

Working with hairdressing cosmetics of one brand or maybe many?

When thinking about setting up a salon, you cannot help but ask yourself whether you want to be associated with one specific hairdressing brand, or maybe you prefer to have a will and choose the products on which you work to the expectations of your clients. Here, every choice seems to be the right one.

In that case, you can count on a lot of help in the form of training, bonuses like salon equipment like shelves for products, hairdressing assistants, and sometimes even hairdressing furniture. We have often delivered a hairdressing chair to a newly opened showroom, for which one of the concerns above paid.

So are there any downsides to being associated with a particular brand? When you look at something in a critical way, there will always be something wrong with it. However, “there are no free lunches,” and for the support you get, there are higher purchase prices for the products you work on. However, this does not mean that it does not pay off. Access to numerous pieces of training seems to be a sufficient reason not to delete the idea of ​​being associated with a specific brand.

Now let’s discuss a scenario in which you decide to be free to choose the hairdressing products that are used in your salon. It is in no way inferior to the model where everything is under the name of a well-known company. This solution can even bring you many additional benefits that are not talked about loudly. It gives you the freedom to choose the products you work with.

It is worth noting, however, that most customers prefer to identify their hairdressers with a specific brand, especially regarding hair dyes. Do not allow yourself to use a wide range of products from different companies. Each manufacturer has its philosophy, especially when it comes to hair coloring. So, develop your skills by focusing on one brand. The customer will certainly appreciate that you are a specialist in products of a certain brand.

What to consider when pricing services in a hairdressing salon?

So, make sure your advantage is not the price but what you offer. I do not mean only the quality of your skills but also additional services and the atmosphere you will create in your salon. For example, offer care treatments, hair strengthening treatments, keratin straightening or regeneration of hair damaged by numerous treatments. Of course, we know that hairdressers mainly focus on cutting, modeling and dyeing. Still, by suggesting additional items, you will always gain in your client’s eyes, even if he or she decides not to use the proposed options at the moment.

Marketing of a hairdressing salon

They say that satisfied customers are recommending the key to the success of any hairdresser. That’s true. However, while it is a very important source of acquiring new customers, it is not the only one. Also, look for them on social media. Create an account on Facebook and Instagram and present your achievements there. Pull out your mobile phone, take photos of your hairstyles and share them with others. If you feel a moment of hesitation because you are not a professional photographer, don’t worry about it at all. People will appreciate that you took the pictures as much as possible.

Offer people services with a high level of culture. When they come, greet them in your living room, offer a cup of coffee, and read interesting trade press. The sum of all these, perhaps seemingly small things, will make you establish a relationship with your clients that will make them happy to come back to you.

Where to get additional profits

I don’t know if you know, but the popular opinion is that hairdressers do not offer products for resale to their clients. Meantime, many clients are very inclined to purchase them. When you wash your hair on the washcloth, the client wonders what kind of shampoo you use. Customers have the same questions about whether you use mousse, paste, or hairspray. Not all hairdressers are interested in this. It’s wrong to do this. Tell the customer what products you use during the visit and offer them to buy them.

Statistics show that the only way for a hairdresser to make more money is to resell products by up to 15%. Hand in hand is also user satisfaction with a proper choice of cosmetics.

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  • If you are thinking about starting your hairdressing salon, we will be happy to help you. As a hairdressing wholesaler operating on the market for over a dozen years, we have the knowledge and extensive experience here. We will advise you on the selection of equipment needed for the work of each hairdresser, such as a hair dryer, curler straightener or scissors, as well as on the appropriate selection of hairdressing furniture. You can trust us.

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