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Interesting Ways to Prepare for Competitive Exams


A swarm of youngsters yearn  to grab a government job. Do you know why most of the youngsters have a never ending craze to secure government jobs? Well, because they want to make big bucks while relishing the perks of being a government employee. Let us tell you that securing a government job is not a child’s play. You need to crack a competitive exam conducted by the government of India. Generally, a competitive exam has two phases, one is a written examination and another is a personal interview. Be ready to cover vast exam syllabus while preparing for competitive exams. To make your exam preparation interesting and engaging, it is imperative to follow smart preparation strategies. In this article, you are going to find some of the suitable exam preparation tips and tricks.

Do you think it is mandatory to burn midnight oil while studying for competitive exams? If so, then let us tell you that if you abide by a smart routine then there is no need to spend sleepless nights while preparing for the Competitive Exams. Additionally, you can join a coaching institute for effective exam preparation. Have you decided to appear for a banking exam? If yes, then it is advisable to enrol yourself in a leading institute that can provide bank coaching in Uttam Nagar. After joining a coaching institute, never overlook the importance of self-study. It is essential to devote sufficient hours for self study as well when you start competitive exam preparation.

Here are some interesting ways you can use to prepare for competitive exams:

Determination, diligence and commitment can help you prepare for the competitive exams in the best possible way. To amp up competitive exam preparation, you can adhere to the following tips religiously.

Use Ivan Pavlov’s classical conditioning method  

Ivan Pavlov was a Russian physiologist who witnessed weird behavior in his dogs. Even before the meal was provided to them, his dogs began salivating when they spotted someone in a lab coat. In the same group of dogs, he tested the sound of the bell and the meal. After a few days, the dogs began salivating even when the bell was rung. He labelled it ‘Classical Conditioning.’

Humans can benefit from classical conditioning as well. When you study at the same time and in the same place for a specific number of days, your brain recognizes that you have formed a habit. So,  try it out to improve your focus and form a new habit. Therefore, you will not have to battle with studying in the future, even for courses that you hate.

Brush up everything you learnt during day 

You have to cover a humongous exam syllabus while preparing for the exam. Note that you can’t retain vast information without effective revision. So, make sure you spare some time for revising the topics you studied in a day. For instance: You can keep at least 1 hour at the end of the day for revising the topics and concepts you studied throughout your day. This is how you can retain concepts for a longer period of time.

Focus on clearing your basics during preparation of  Competitive Exams 

Make this thing very clear in your mind that cramming concepts and topics is not going to benefit you. It is imperative to have in-depth knowledge of every concept. When your basics are clear, you can easily answer tricky questions of the exam. Also, remember that long hours of meticulous study is not necessary. But, whenever you study, make sure you maintain 100% concentration so that even an earthquake cannot distract you.

Follow OK4R reading method 

Power reading can help you grasp concepts in the easiest way possible. Well, you can use the OK4R reading method. Here’s how you can use this method:

Never study beyond 40 minutes at stretch 

Boredom, lack of concentration, and any diversion, according to much research conducted by psychologists, diminishes the human brain’s gripping potentiality after 40 minutes. To make learning easier, schedule your studies so that you can finish a topic in that amount of time or split it down into smaller chunks. This is how you can maintain focus properly while studying for the exam.

Well, you can boost your competitive exam preparation by studying for the exam under guidance of a nonpareil institute that can provide SSC coaching in Uttam Nagar.


These are some of the most interesting ways to prepare for competitive exams. It is advisable to adhere to the aforementioned tips if you want to sail through the toughest competitive exam.

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