All You Need To Know About Electric Vehicles

very time we see the news, there are frequent mentions of electric vehicles. They are often referred to as EVs, and the demand for these vehicles is actively increasing. But still, many of us do not know what they are and how to charge them at charging points.

So, here is a brief introduction to the concept of electric vehicles and their pros and cons. This will give you a brief idea of the electric vehicle before you buy it.

What Are Electric Vehicles?

The concept of electric vehicles came from the UK. It was 1884 when the English inventor named Thomas Parker designed an electric car. Then by 1897, lots of electric taxis and bikes started running on London streets. From there, it spread in all the countries and has now become the automobile of the century.

An electric vehicle is an automobile that is designed using electric motors with batteries having energy stored in it. These vehicles are eco-friendly and do not emit any harmful gases. Their batteries can be easily recharged at home using electric vehicle charging points.

Types Of Electric Vehicle

There are three types of electric vehicles which are in public use.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle

These vehicles are not fully electric. They are designe to run on a gas-power engine as well as on an electric battery. Moreover, these batteries do need to be charged; they restore energy emitted by the gas engine.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

These electric vehicles are similar to Hybrid Electric Vehicles, but the only difference is the plug-in facility. You can easily plug in the charger at Electric Vehicle Charging Points and charge your car.

Battery Electric Vehicles

This category of electric vehicles relies completely on electricity and has no other alternative power sources in them. Every time these cars get out of juice, you need to plug them to get them fully recharge.

What Makes It Different?

You might have often noticed people debating the advantages of an electric vehicle. And how it is in the best interest of the world if all of us switch to these vehicles. Here are a few points that make electric vehicles different.

Reduces Noise Pollution

Almost every diesel and petrol car makes a lot of noise and aggravates the level of noise pollution in the atmosphere. Whereas an EV is so silent that even its driver gets confuse whether it’s on or not.

Regenerative Braking

Imagine driving a car that gets recharge every time you hit the brakes. Moreover, this car is very easy to handle, as it slows down quickly and has a superior braking system.

More Spacious

All EV cars are free of combustible engines. Therefore, they have a lot of extra space in the truck and front.

Slow Acceleration

Although EV vehicles have lots of advantages over regular cars, EVs are not as fast as they are. Furthermore, EV cars that come at a nominal price have very poor acceleration. However, premium companies such as Porsche or Tesla have high-speed vehicles coupled with insane acceleration values.

Do Not Need Fuel

We all know that non-renewable sources of energy are depleting day by day, and we all need to find alternate sources of power to save them. Electric vehicles are our only way out of this crisis. These cars can easily be charge using chargers such as Zappi Untethered In Black. It is just a matter of a few years that you will find these charging points in every city.

Buying an EV is a noble decision if you want to protect the environment. However, if you are expecting high performance from this vehicle, then you are mistake. Electric vehicles will not be as fast as regular vehicles. Moreover, it will be require to recharge after one hour of usage, making it very inconvenient for people who are travelling long distances.

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