Setting Up a Business in Mainland Dubai

There are many different types of business opportunities available on the UAE mainland. For example, businesses can operate in a Free zone and trade in any of the thousands of different activities that are permitted. For more information, visit the Department of Economic Development’s website. You can also start a business on the UAE mainland with one of the many emirates. However, be aware that setting up a business in a Free zone is much more expensive  in the Mainland Business Setup.

Free zone

Setting up a business in the Free Zone is very easy and affordable. It is also beneficial for local and foreign investors. You can obtain up to 49% of the shares of the company from outside the UAE. However, you will have to get a local sponsor and a UAE national partner. This is because free zone companies cannot work for the government. It is a good idea to check out the requirements and conditions for setting up a company on the mainland.

To start a business in the Free Zone, you need to apply for a company license. This is a temporary permit that is usually issued within five days of application and has a validity period of 60 days. You can also apply for a license while in the UAE. However, you have to get the visa stamped in your passport before leaving the UAE. To get the visa, you have to present your passport at the immigration department of the Free Zone and have the immigration official activate it. This process may take from three to five days.

Besides the Free Zone, mainland companies are also allowed to conduct business on the mainland. It is also important to note that a representative office in the UAE is not a business structure on its own. It is a type of business partnership between a UAE national and an Emirate. A civil company in the Free Zone is a business partnership that is formed by professionals. There are over 40 free zones in the UAE, each offering its own benefits and requirements. You can choose the jurisdiction that is best suited for your company activity, development and cost.

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A business in Mainland Dubai is required to have a physical office address to be legitimate. This can be a brick-and-mortar office, co-working space, or a Flexi desk. However, if you are considering establishing a business in a free zone, it is important to realize that you will need to secure an office space to legally operate. Generally, you will need to secure a minimum office space after a year of business ownership.

Generally, businesses in the Free Zone and Mainland Dubai must obtain a license to operate in the territory. This license allows them to operate freely in the local market and do business outside the UAE. These companies may be owned by foreign investors, but they will also be subject to local laws and regulations. Mainland companies are required to obtain a corporate sponsor and have a local service agent in the UAE. This helps them avoid potential legal issues when operating in Mainland Dubai.

In order to establish a business in the Mainland Dubai Free Zone, a company must have an office in a designated area. The minimum office space is 200 square feet. In addition, businesses in Mainland Dubai are not allowed to use virtual offices. This is a requirement imposed by the Department of Economic Development. If you have a virtual office, you can use it for five hours a week. The Department of Economic Development will issue you a license if your business has a physical office.

Cost of setting up a business in Dubai

The cost of business setup in mainland Dubai varies depending on the type of activity you intend to pursue, the jurisdiction you choose, and the approvals and certifications you need. The following list provides an overview of the standard costs of setting up a business in Dubai. The initial registration fee is nominal and varies by type of business. In addition, annual fees are different and vary according to the type of business you intend to operate.

If you are a new company, you will need an office to operate. The cost of office space will depend on the size and type of office space you need. If you don’t have access to an office, you can consider renting virtual space. In addition, you will need to pay fees for a trade name reservation. Trade name reservation fees are AED620, and may increase if you are using a foreign trade name.

The location of your business is important because the site can make or break your company’s future. It can attract and retain the best employees and boost long-term performance. A poor location can cost a company capital, lost talent, and lost productivity. The best location for your business will be based on your needs and your budget. To determine the best location for your company, consult with a business advisor in mainland Dubai.

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