The 10 Best Watch Online Movies Sites for Free

watch online movies sites: As streaming becomes more popular, it’s not just about Netflix, Amazon and Hulu anymore. There are dozens of sites to watch movies online for free, many of which you’ve probably never heard of. In fact, there are so many streaming providers that it can be difficult to figure out which ones you should use. To help you choose the best watch online movies sites, we’ve created this guide on the 10 watch online movies sites for free. Check it out below!

1) MoviePanda

MoviePanda has become quite popular in India. It’s a legal movie streaming site which was acquired by Zee Group, who also owns Hotstar, which makes it one of India’s most popular online streaming services. If you’re based in India, MoviePanda is your go-to source for quality movies and TV shows available on demand. Unlike other sites like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you won’t have access to all of MoviePanda content unless you’re a paid subscriber. But it does work out to be much cheaper than paying monthly fees. The thing that will immediately grab your attention when visiting Movierulz is its incredibly clean interface that instantly gets you watching movies in HD with just a few clicks.

2) 123movies

123movies is an excellent free movie streaming site with no time limits and no registration requirements. If you’re looking for a bunch of new movies, 123movies is worth a look. The layout could be better and they don’t have as many new releases as Netflix, but they do have quite a few on-demand TV shows as well.

3) Movierulz

Founded in 2009, Movierulz TV is one of India’s most popular free movie streaming sites. It has a wide variety of film and TV content available on its website and mobile app, including Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, sports videos and more. One of our favourite features: it lets you add movies to your queue so that you can remember when they’re available online. You can also add them directly to your Netflix or Amazon Prime Queue. Content varies by region. Available in some regions only; see website for details. 

4) Cucirca

If you live in a small town, odds are you can’t watch your favorite TV shows or movies on Netflix. Cucirca is a site that lets you watch streaming content from any region. It works by redirecting you to a proxy server based in another country where your desired video is available. As an example, if you want to watch Ugly Betty but it’s only available on Hulu in America, go to Cucirca and select Hulu as your source. You will then be redirected to a proxy server which changes your IP address so that it appears that you are located in America when watching Hulu. You will have full access to their catalogue of videos and TV shows even though they may not be available where you live.

5) Streamango

While there are plenty of streaming sites out there, Streamango is definitely one of our favorites. You can often find hidden gems here that you’ll never find elsewhere. In fact, we usually bookmark most of our favorite movies and shows on Streamango, since it’s so reliable in terms of fast streams and frequent updates. If you want to know what’s currently available on Streamango, then check out our quick list below: Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 (2017), Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017), Wonder Woman (2017), Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (2017), War for The Planet Of The Apes (2017) and more.

6) Crackle

It doesn’t have quite as many titles as some of its competitors—it had only a few hundred movies and TV shows at last count—but it makes up for it in watchability. There are plenty of good quality movies, including The Matrix and most famously of all, several Adam Sandler comedies, like Grown Ups. Most videos are ad-supported, which means you can watch them without paying anything extra (assuming you don’t mind sitting through ads). It’s not going to blow anyone away, but if you want a free way to watch something fun on your computer or phone that isn’t Netflix or Hulu, Crackle is where it’s at.

7) Tubeplus.me

This website offers you all kind of latest online movies available on their website with high quality. They are releasing three new movies per day at a cost of around $3.87, which is something like Netflix’s subscription model. Movierulz TV: The website contains four different categories, namely New Releases, TV Shows, Tollywood (Telugu) and Bollywood. If you are looking for any specific genre or series then Movierulz TV will be your best choice as it provides movie trailers along with ratings and reviews by real users. All a user has to do is put in his or her search query and can download it within some minutes without any hassle. Youwatch: It is one of the most popular websites which allows users to watch and download their favorite movies online.

8) Moovi

You can watch tons of popular shows and movies, including Game of Thrones and Scandal, on Moovi without a subscription. You just have to put up with some ads in between each episode. Still, if you like binge-watching your favorite TV shows, Moovi is worth checking out because it’s free. The only downside? This site doesn’t offer new movies in addition to TV shows.

9) Popcornflix

Like MovieLoud, Popcornflix is an ad-supported streaming service. But unlike MovieLoud, Popcornflix also makes its library available to users who want to watch ads in exchange for a subscription-free viewing experience. The fact that Popcornflix has a smaller library than most other sites on our list doesn’t hurt it, either. Each movie or show on Popcornflix has been handpicked by its team of editors, so you know you’re going to get quality entertainment when you sign up.

10) Putlocker

Putlocker is one of those sites that you don’t know what you’re going to get. Sometimes, it has movies that haven’t made it to DVD yet. Sometimes, they have old classic movies. Other times, they have brand new releases—like The Hitman’s Bodyguard—that are available on a flat-rate subscription service like Sling TV or Hulu (or even free!). If you want instant access and aren’t picky about where your movies come from, Putlocker is an excellent option.

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