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The Best Front End Development Frameworks in 2022

Matebiz provides Web development frameworks that are definitely a gift to all the developers around the world as it provides them with all the tools that greatly reduce the burden and allow the developers to concentrate on the main components. 

Even without frameworks, we can still develop using plain HTML, CSS, and javascript. But as the length and complexity of the project will increase, it would be very difficult to maintain the entire code in one place. Moreover, the debugging and testing of your website will become very tough which may have a severe impact on your web application.

So frameworks basically free you from all these problems and allow the developers to create robust and modern web applications. So today we bring you the best frontend frameworks which are widely used by some of the best website designing company in India.


React is perhaps the most in-demand javascript framework which is dominating the frontend development world. It follows the principle of DRY(Do not Repeat Yourself) that allows developers to create reusable components which is the most important feature of React that allows the developers to break their projects into smaller components and reuse them whenever they want to. This not only makes the main rendering code clean and precise but also makes the debugging of the project very easy.

React.js is widely used in some of the top website designing company as it can be easily integrated with CSS frameworks like bootstrap, tailwind CSS to give a wonderful appearance to the website. React is maintain by Facebook( meta ) and some of the top companies like Netflix, BBC, and asana are based on reacting. 

React developers are in great demand right now with over 30% of the best website designing company looking for developers with React skills. So if you want to enter the web development world, react should be your first choice.


It is one of the best frontend frameworks out there and is considere the fiercest rival of react.js. This framework is based on typescript which is a superset of javascript with many features.

Angular is the most preferred framework to develop single-page web applications like Youtube. The best thing about Angular is it is load with all the necessary tools. In its environment which makes the development part very easy and precise. The component router is the key feature of Angular which allows our web applications to load quickly with all the requested properties without even changing the current webpage. This feature has attracted some of the top companies which provide top website designing services to use angular for their frontend development.

Like the react developers, angular developers are also in high demand among the best web designing company with increased demand of over 25% in top companies like Xbox, youtube, and BMW.


It is considere as a ‘dark horse’ amid the fierce rivalry between React and angular. Vue.js is a popular javascript-base framework that is used to create any type of frontend web applications. Thanks to its key features of components and visual DOM which makes the developing part easy. Moreover, getting start with vue.js is far easier than react and angular as these frameworks become complicated at some point in time. Websites of the top companies like Nintendo, 9gag, etc are based on vue.js.

It also gives us the tools to divide our project into fragments. Work on each fragment individually and finally render it onto a single application. Some of the best web designing company primarily utilize vue.js for their frontend development. After react and angular, vue.js developers are the third most in-demand in the top website designing company.

Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails(RoR) is a full-stack web development framework that is based on the popular programming language Ruby. Even after 18 years of its launch. It is one of the most relevant web frameworks to develop robust frontend and backend web applications.

It is based on the Model-View-Controller(MVC) system which makes the development of applications very easy. The latest version of RoR also allows the integration with modern CSS frameworks like tailwind and bootstrap. It is due to the presence of this framework that ruby language is still relevant in 2022.

This framework provides the best website designing services as some of the top names like Github, Shopify are written on ruby on rails. The demand for RoR developers is tremendously increasing. So having a thorough catch on this framework will surely ease your way as a web developer.


Yet another javascript-based framework that is suitable for people who are new in the field of web development. Just like Ruby on rails. It also works on the Model-View-Controller system which allows the creation of sophisticated web applications very quickly.

Comes with many inbuilt as well as installable modules which allows you to create web applications. It can also be integrated with the modern CSS frameworks to beautify our website. Although this framework is capable of providing top website designing services the presence of popular frameworks like to react, angular, and vue.js often shadows the capabilities of backbone.js. Airbnb and Bitbucket are some prominent websites that are based on this framework.

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