The Complete Guide to Fix QuickBooks Error 12031 with Ease

Medium and small-scale businesses have been benefiting from QuickBooks for a long time now. It is a software that focuses on easing all accounting tasks. Therefore, optimization of business operations, managing financial data, etc., are all within its purview.

However, as a software, it is not immune to technical difficulties. They may arise and create hindrance once in a while. QuickBooks Error 12031 is one of the common issues to tackle with.

Some other error codes for the users’ convenient identification are as follows:

  1. QuickBooks Error 1014
  2. QuickBooks Error 3003
  3. QuickBooks Error 3180
  4. QuickBooks Error 1722

The occurrence of such technical codes may compromise the user’s workflow. Therefore, encountering such codes demand an analytical approach to solving them.

What does the QuickBooks Error 12031 Imply?

The error 12031 is the technical code assigned to an update malfunction. When a user attempts to update the payroll service on this accounting software, a glitch may cause this error. The general reason for the QB error 12031 is an improper firewall configuration.

The QB software requires the user to configure the firewall protocols accurately for proper security. The firewall is what prevents any unauthorized entry into the account and safeguards the financial data. Therefore, any trouble in the firewall configuration is bound to show an error 12031.

This error can cause an unwanted timeout, slowing your entire day’s management. Also, it can cause a significant hassle while operating the software because the update does not happen. The best way to avoid this error is by ensuring a valid configuration. A QuickBooks user is expected to verify whether the PC’s configuration is in sync with the firewall system of this accounting software.

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Situations for the QuickBooks Error 12031 to Arise

  • While making an update attempt at the QuickBooks software

Updating the QuickBooks software is one of the common actions where the QuickBooks Error 12031 arises. You may need to update the software for a better accounting interface or other features. However, while doing so, the error will appear if your internet connection or the firewall system is not proper.

In case the situation is where the internet is creating the trouble, to troubleshoot it visit the help center and open the internet connection setup menu to fix it. The solution for the same is further discussed in detail.

  • While trying to refresh or upgrade the payroll services for this software

Refreshing for a payroll update is essential. It allows the user continued access to the latest payroll tax table updates. There is no separate charge for the same as the payroll service fee includes the updates also.

However, upgrading the services is necessary to maintain the compatibility of this software with the latest tax updates. The user can receive the most accurate financial calculations with a successful payroll update devoid of the error 12031. That is potentially helpful in avoiding financial errors.

However, the most updated payroll integrations to the QuickBooks software may halt due to the error 12031. That prevents the update and forces the user to undergo the entire hassle again with the same results if not resolved immediately.

Common Causes for the Error 12031

The situations for the QuickBooks Error 12031 may be confined to two possible scenarios. However, the underlying causes may be numerous. Some common causes are as follows for a user to determine the reason behind it.

  1. Not updating the QuickBooks software for a long time
  2. Sudden update attempt after a dormant use
  3. Internet packet or data damage
  4. Corruption in other QuickBooks elements
  5. Poor firewall synchronization with the device
  6. Improper firewall configuration
  7. Wrong SSL settings
  8. Network troubles or poor internet connectivity
  9. Power outrages while updating
  10. A combination of locally influential factors

How to Resolve the QB error 12031?

The QB error 12031 can arise from any of the above causes or situations. Based on that, the following solutions will help the user resolve the issue quickly.

Solution 1: For the internet connectivity issue

  1. The main solution to this trouble is to look for internet connectivity.
  2. In the first step, locating the help center is what a user must do in QuickBooks.
  3. An option with Internet Connection Setup is visible for choosing.
  4. In furtherance, the new window will show two options, where the user has to select ‘use my computer’s connection settings’
  5. Press the next button next and complete the process with the done tab.
  6. Check whether the error 12031 is still persistent after trying to update again.

Solution 2: For payroll update

While attempting for a payroll update, if the error occurs, the below steps shall help:

  1. Visit the internet connection setup and click on the properties option.
  2. Select the Advanced button to proceed further
  3. Check for the advanced settings to match, and then click on apply. If not matching, click on the ‘recent updates’ tab and the ‘get updates’ tab.
  4. Complete the process by pressing OK.

If the error still persists, the cause might be firewall blocking. The solution for that is as follows.

Solution 3: For firewall blocking

In case the configuration is not proper, the firewall will block access to QuickBooks software and any of its updates. It will identify the software as a threat and therefore needs immediate resolution:

  1. Click the start button of your pc and enter firewall to search
  2. Find the Windows Firewall option and click on the same
  3. Give permission to the ‘Allow a program or feature’
  4. Select the change settings option and checkmark the specific box for QuickBooks.
  5. Now attempt an update again.

Wrapping Up

The solutions above will relieve the user from all the possible causes behind the QuickBooks Error 12031. However, despite following the above concise steps, you can freely contact our professional team at 1.855.738.2784 if your trouble persists. They are free to help you everywhere.

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