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The Importance of Educating your Child with Life Skills

The Importance of Educating your Child with Life Skills

This pandemic has given us one constant thing, i.e. Lockdown. Most of us like to be glued to our TV or tablet screens but extended

Lockdown has made everybody move away from screens and binge-watching. Now, many people are making efficient use of this time by doing something creative or learning a new skill.

Parents are also making efficient use of this Lockdown time by teaching their children new skills.

There are many skills that children should learn, but some of the skills, such as life skills, the ability to talk etc., are much more important than any other skill.

The ability to learn and be open to learning is an important skill. If an individual is open to learning irrespective of age, it helps him/her gain knowledge without any restrictions.

Sadly, this skill is not imparted in schools and textbooks. If your child acquires the skills of learning, it can help your child to stand out throughout life.

Life-altering techniques

If you teach your kids the art of learning, it becomes very easy for them to acquire any skill that they want. So, you can make use of this lockdown time and invest your time in your children to teach them some of the best things in life.

Make use of the resources that are available online and offline. This will help you to be creative and innovative in your approach to your children.

Once a child learns the art of earning, nothing can stop him from acquiring any kind of skill.

Techniques to be taught to the children

Many other skills can be taught to children during Lockdown to keep them engaged.


With a longer duration of Lockdown, you cannot let your child just sit in front of the TV and stay there for whole long days.

Increased screen time for your child has a lot of negative effects on their physical as well as mental health. Hence, it is essential for you to keep them away from TV as much as possible and engage them in other physical activities.

One such option is gardening. You can opt to make your kids do it during Lockdown. Gardening is considered a relaxing activity for the body, mind and the soul.

There is no child who doesn’t like to dig around in the mud and get dirty. So, try your hands on some gardening with your child and let them know the importance of plants and trees in our lives.


Communication is an indispensable part of our lives. Everybody learns to communicate from the start and can convey their message to the other person.

We all have learned the art of communication, but there is always a scope to learn more and improve. It will be beneficial if you make your child learn the art of communication.

Communication is not only comprised of verbal communication. Non-verbal communication such as listening and reading social cues is essential in effective communication.

You can teach your child the art of understanding non-verbal cues, which will benefit them throughout their lives.

You do not have to do bigger things to teach your child about communication. The easiest of them all is to communicate you’re your child on a regular basis, and you will see some astonishing results.

Kids learn from adults, and as adults, it is our responsibility to monitor our behaviour to give the right message. Giving a Smartphone to your child is easy to distract them and get time for yourself.

But the real investment goes into interacting and communicating with your child to strengthen your bond and make them learn the best things in life.

Household chores

Household chores are an essential part of every household. The effectiveness varies from household to household. It includes all the tasks such as Cleaning, washing dishes, vacuuming etc.

Instead of doing it alone, you can involve your child in the household chores. Involve them with a twist and make this work rewarding for them.

This way, they will learn to do every kind of household work and also will enjoy it at the same time.

Teaching your child about household chores will not only help you but will also make them independent.


Everybody likes to have tempting food on their plate having a gala time. With the ongoing pandemic situation and Lockdown, cooking has become an essential skill and, at the same time, creative too.

Many people have tried their hands-on cooking and have made some innovative dishes. You can teach your child the basics of cooking so that they can apply their creativity and create new dishes.

Also, it can be a great help for you in your day-to-day routine.

First aid

In the past one and a half years, first aid has come up as the most important thing for survival. Knowing the skill of first aid is empowering for your own good as well as others.

If you teach your child about first aid from a young age, they can hone their skills as they grow up and can be helpful to others in many ways.

Also, it will teach them the importance of good health and staying healthy and fit.

Budgeting and money management

Money management is one of the basic skills to lead your life smoothly. It may seem boring, but knowing the art of controlling your finances can give you the liberty to lead your life on your own terms.

Your child may not want to learn this skill as it may seem dull, but you have to find creative ways to make your child how to control finances.

Do not use heavy terms in front of them and make them learn through fun learning. You can start with the concept of pocket money and then move further.

Pocket money will help introduce the concept of savings and spending in your child’s life.

Gradually you can introduce the concept of loans and borrowing to your child and make them aware of how the market functions.

Explain the basic concept of loans and types of loans such as personal loans, payday loans with no credit check, car loans etc.

Once they are accustomed to the financial concepts, it will be beneficial for them to manage their finances throughout their life.


If you teach your child life skills, you empower them for a lifetime. Make sure to work on their independent status.

Once they have learned effective life management skills, they can bring a positive change in the world.

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