Tips for Retailers and E-Commerce to Engage Customers Through Video Chat

Video chat apps are one of the most popular and widely used apps in the world. A lot of individuals and business owners use this app to make communication easier through video chat.

A live video call app is a type of online face-to-face visual communication with other online users that is done with a webcam and specific software.  It is typically used when video-based communication is integrated into an existing service. It is also known as video conferencing and video calling.

Using video for customer engagement: best practices

Video is growing in popularity for customer engagement, but it can be intimidating for businesses just starting. A Video chat app for android is a fantastic way to communicate with customers. This post gives some best practices for using video for your business.

  • Leverage real-time video to streamline the customer journey

Consumers love video. Why? Because video is personal. Video content with Video calling API provides a unique experience that is authentic and magical, bringing consumers closer to a brand and allowing them to learn about products and services in a more personal way. It’s no wonder that video is the fastest-growing digital format for marketers and advertisers.

According to Cisco, Internet users will generate more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. While this is an amazing statistic, it’s even more impressive to consider that the majority of that traffic will be video or Video call apps.

It has never been more important to understand ways in which brands can leverage video calls to enhance the customer experience and create sales opportunities.

  • Integrate video chat into messaging platforms like Intercom, for a streamlined, personal experience

Video customer engagement is becoming an increasingly popular method for satisfying customers and building loyalty. Video for customer engagement can be a powerful tool that can help to improve the customer experience.

Build a video chat app and integrate video calling into messaging platforms like Intercom, you can create a streamlined, personal experience for your customers, which allows them to stay connected even when they’re offline.

  • Leverage real-time co-browsing

Are you aware that 89% of customers have switched to a competitor after a bad customer experience? Here, co-browsing, also referred to as collaborative browsing, enables customer support representatives to work in real-time with the customer’s browser.

So, leveraging real-time co-browsing is one of the best practices that you should follow when using video for customer engagement. By leveraging real-time co-browsing capabilities, you can also ensure that all customer inquiries are answered quickly and easily.

  • Build on the video to create unique, native, digital experiences

Customers have grown increasingly fond of digital purchases (Web-based on video chat apps) in 2020 and 2021. That level of comfort is expected to rise significantly in 2022. So, every video you make should have a purpose. The inspiration for making a video should come from how it addresses a problem your customer may be experiencing.

Furthermore, video with a 1-to-1 video chat app allows you to address a wide range of pain points in a more immediate and relatable manner. You can also entertain and amuse your customers while showcasing your company’s offerings and digital expertise. This is true whether you are producing an explainer video calls or simply promotional content.

How top retailers across the globe use video chat

Retailers must have a culture that supports a customer-centric strategy and operating model to successfully implement them. Retailers and business leaders ought to implement the following five measures to create a customer-centric culture:

  • Sharing competencies, regardless of geography and timezone

As more people turn to the Internet to help them make important and expensive purchases, they want real-time responses from team members who can help them.

Voice and video calls are a great way to share knowledge and expertise, and it may deliver the response you want. By using video as a tool to capture real needs, retailers not just broadcast their products, but can better respond to their customers’ needs.

By creating video chat apps and sharing them, retailers have created a real-time experience for customers that can be accessed anywhere. With these experiences, you can respond to customers’ real needs, such as sharing competencies, information, advice, and guidance.

  • Providing in-home services remotely

There is no doubt that video is playing an important role in customer experiences today. By using video, businesses can provide remote services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of their customers. 

This way, customers feel like they’re getting immediate assistance and feedback from a human being rather than a machine or algorithm. 

As long as you have a solid strategy for creating quality video calls and investing in the necessary technology tools and know how to put together engaging storylines, the video will play an essential role in helping businesses build loyal relationships with their consumers.

  • Bridging in-person and online shopping — and keeping a pulse on customer sentiment

Video is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that can be used to create customer-centric experiences that respond to real needs. By using video, you can provide service tutorials or how-to guides for products or services that your brand offers. 

Video or Group video chat app also allows businesses to entertain and educate customers at the same time, which can create loyalty and increase revenue. Video also allows you to capture user sentiment in a quickly and easily consumable format. 

This way, you can identify problems early on and make necessary changes before they become serious issues. And by utilizing insights gleaned from data analysis of videos posted on your website or channel, you can continue tailoring the experience for each user.

  • Providing department store demonstrations in customers’ living rooms

Online reviews and live audio, chat can provide customers with information to aid in their decision-making, but nothing compares to speaking with knowledgeable store staff who genuinely want to assist.

Moreover, by embedding interactive elements within your videos (like polls), you can further engage with your audience and take them on an exciting journey through your video products or services. Additionally, you can use video content (with Best video call API) to educate and evangelize your brand and product line.

  • Aligning video with brand values to support customers in a time of need

What a customer thinks, feels, and experiences about a brand come together to form their brand perception. It refers to a customer’s emotional reaction when they come into contact with a brand, whether through a video interaction on a website, service, or solution or by watching a brand commercial.

Furthermore, you can inform your audience about your brand’s values and mission through video (with Video chat SDK), while also providing a unified, recognizable experience across all channels.


Well, there you have it! A useful guide for every step that a retailer can take to use video chat as a customer service channel. You can also do a lot when you use an effective video chat app service. It is easy to share your information, enhance customer experience, and boost sales with such services.

Just keep the above tips in mind for an outstanding interaction experience. No matter how many steps are followed, one thing is certain – video chat will be the future of retail customer service!

Krishi Sangaran

Digital Strategist and Growth Hacking Specialist worked for both startups & big brands, helped them to build a strong brand presence and achieve growth.

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