Tips to help students concentrate in CBSE schools

One of the primary characteristics of a human is their ability to concentrate on tasks. But what exactly is concentration, and why should we work on improving it?

Concentration is the ability to concentrate on a single thought or subject while blocking out distractions from one’s conscious mind. We do not engage our minds with anything else when we concentrate on something. This gives us complete control over that thought or subject, and it eventually makes us more efficient. No irrelevant thought or worry will bother you when your mind obeys you and you are in complete control.

Why Is Concentration Important for Students in nearby CBSE schools?

Students frequently try to focus on too many things at once. There are numerous distractions that divert their attention, and they become restless when they sit to study.

Distractions can come in the form of television or phone calls or messages from friends. It can also be a favorite movie, a cartoon, or computers. Other sources of distraction include food, siblings, or social media.

As a result, even though their textbooks are open, their minds are elsewhere. They then discover that they haven’t learned anything after a few hours! As a result, it is essential for students to improve their concentration and focusing skills in order to learn more effectively.

Teachers (and parents) frequently complain that their students are unable to concentrate and, as a result, do not perform well in class or receive good grades. Children may be punished as a result of their poor grades.

However, this has the unintended consequence of making the child reluctant to improve his or her concentration skills. Concentration should be enjoyable and accomplished with a positive attitude. It should be nurtured with a great deal of patience and optimism.

1. Don’t procrastinate studies at nearby CBSE schools.

It can be difficult to focus on a task if you put it off for too long. That goes for nearby CBSE school projects as well as projects around the house.

That isn’t to say that your child has to do everything at once. Break tasks into chunks to make it easier to get started.

2. Keep a timer.

Knowing there’s a time limit on how long they have to stay focused can help kids stick it out. Set a timer on your clock for how long your kid needs to work before having a snack or playing outside. As your child improves at focusing, you can gradually increase the amount of time.

3. Be willing to try new things.

Some students need utmost silence in order to concentrate completely. Others are fine with dealing with noise. As a result, it’s important to ask children what works best for them.

Perhaps your child prefers to listen to music while doing his or her homework.

4. Incorporate mindfulness at Ahmedabad school.

It’s all about paying attention and focusing on mindfulness exercises. Mindfulness has been shown in studies to help children improve their behavior and ability to focus on lessons and schoolwork.

Sitting quietly and focusing on inhaling and exhaling is one way to practice. Even a few deep breaths before class or a test can help.

5. Create a learning-friendly environment

Make sure your child has a dedicated study space, whether it’s a room, a desk, a table, or something else. This learning environment should be well-lit and well-ventilated. It also needs to be super clean, well-organized, and well put.

Distractions, such as televisions, phones, and computers, should not be present in or near the learning environment.

The study space should ideally be located away from your living room so that your child is not distracted from their studies by other family members’ activities or conversations.

6. Physical activity should be incorporated.

Mentally, children are very active, and they also have a lot of physical energy. It’s important to convert all of that energy! Allow them to run, play, and engage in other physical activities. Consider walking or riding bicycles to the Ahmedabad school with your child if it is possible in your area, as physical movement stimulates the brain. Allow them to play outside, join a sports team, or participate in any other activity that will keep them active both physically and mentally.

It’s critical to give your child some time to run around or play before they sit down to study. An active body leads to an active mind, which allows them to concentrate more effectively.

7. Encourage Good Habits

A healthy child is more able to concentrate. Provide nutritious snacks and allow plenty of time for meals to encourage healthy eating habits. In addition, ensure that your child gets enough sleep and is well-rested.


It’s important to help your child focus on their studies, as the more they are focussed on their education the better they will excel in their lives as concentration is useful in all walks of life.

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