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Top 7 Sightseeing Places to Visit in Shimla for Honeymoon

After all the hustle and bustle of the wedding, you and your spouse deserve a romantic getaway where you can relax and enjoy the company of each other. If you are planning a honeymoon, Shimla is the perfect destination. Snow-capped mountains surround this hill station and offer stunning views at every turn. Plus, with the abundance of natural beauty, there are plenty of sightseeing places in Shimla for Honeymooners. Here is the list of the top 7 sightseeing places:

The Ridge

The Ridge only follows the mall road while serving as the prime intersection of the city. It is a large, open area that can accommodate a variety of festivals and cultural events. It is one of the most well-known locations in the city and looks stunning in particular while it snows. It is a vital link between all the famous locations in and around the city. Here, you may take romantic horseback riding dates and take beautiful photos.

Jakhoo Temple

This temple honors Lord Hanuman and resides at a very high altitude. It is a fantastic location to be during the blessed festival of Dussehra. This temple is where Lord Hanuman reportedly rested while looking for Sanjivni Booti for Lord Lakshmana, according to a Ramayana legend. You and your spouse will have fun hiking here.

Summer Hill

On your honeymoon, this will be the ideal location for you to have romantic moments with your significant other. You’ll have the impression that you should have come here before. This picturesque village is about five kilometers from the Ridge. You can go trekking, nature hiking, and witness stunning sunrises and sunsets. It is the ideal getaway that will last a lifetime.


It is the place to be on your honeymoon if you enjoy adventure and outdoor activities. Himachal Pradesh’s Kufri is a tiny hill town that is a prime tourist attraction. The animal zoo here is 20 kilometers from Shimla and is home to unique and endangered species. Aside from this, the stunning town is full of colonial beauty, breathtaking peaks, and enjoyable excursions, so it has a lot to offer.

There is also an entertainment park nearby with a pool and many entertaining rides. The world’s highest go-kart racing circuit is also there, providing an incredible experience. You can enjoy the stunning flora and animals, gorgeous sunsets, and scenic views in the Indira tourist area.

Christ Church

Christ Church, the second-oldest church in north India, is now a well-liked tourist destination. It is a top attraction in Shimla because of its majestic beauty and breathtaking setting. The stained glass windows in the church stand for humanity, charity, patience, generosity, and faith. Apart from being an enduring symbol of British rule in India, it is the most well-known monument in Shimla. If Shimla is on your travel itinerary, spend some time in this magnificent building.

Mall Road

The Shimla Mall Road may be the ideal location to visit Shimla, regardless of whether your goal is to take a quick city break or get away from the daily grind. Mall Road, the center of the city, is a popular destination for tourists of all ages and is also where many locals go to unwind after work.

On the other hand, it works well for both families and couples. The local market is a sensational area to shop, specializing in selling homemade goods. You also have the choice to unwind and indulge yourself at one of the recreational facilities of Shimla. Every person can find something enjoyable here.

Kalka Shimla Railway

It is a must-visit place when organizing your honeymoon or vacation to Shimla. The British built it in 1898 to connect Shimla with other railway lines in India. Shimla serves as the starting and the finishing point of this scenic excursion on a tiny gauge railway. It is worthwhile to take a ride across Shimla’s steep terrain. A sight you must see and always remember!

As we told you at the beginning of the blog, there are many sightseeing places in Shimla that you can explore with your loved one. For people visiting Shimla for the first time deciding which place to go can be a little overwhelming. So make sure to book your Shimla Honeymoon package and plan your sightseeing itinerary to make the most of the trip. However, if it seems complicated and you believe that travel firms handle it to the best of their abilities, let us help you.

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