Useful French Media for Learning French for Free or at a Low Cost

When you don’t have access to online French classes, professors, or even native French speakers, there are lots of French media options to help you to learning french. Most of them may be obtained for free online, through a library, or for a very little cost — or even via a subscription to a streaming service like Netflix or Spotify that you’re already paying for!

Books to Help You Learn French

If you like to read, you can find a lot of French literature that will help you learn the language. Beginners can learn a lot from reading thousands of French books, from well-known classics like Le Petit Prince and the Tintin comic series to longer, more involved books like L’élégance du hérisson and Monsieur Ibrahim et les Fleurs du Coran.

Using books to learn French is a great way to improve your reading skills and learn how the language is used in all kinds of situations, from historical fiction to fairy tales to personal essays to collections of short stories to nonfiction and everything in between. You can go at your own pace when you read books in French, and if you need more help along the way, you can stop and look up words in a French dictionary. Keeping a language journal of new French words and phrases helps you expand your vocabulary. Also, if you read the book out loud, you can get more practise speaking French and saying words correctly. You can read online books. Its One of the Best way to learn french online.

Audio lessons, French songs, and French podcasts can help you learn French.

There are many online French audio lessons that can teach you the basics of French vocabulary and grammar without you having to look at a page or a screen. Audio lessons for French are a great way to do more than one thing at once. You can listen to them in the car or while doing something else, like driving to work, making dinner, or taking a walk around your neighbourhood.

In the same way, listening to podcasts or audiobooks in French is a great way to learn while doing something else that needs your visual attention. You can choose from a lot of audio resources, and many of them are free. Podcasts like Parlez Away! are great for people who are just starting to learn French, while podcasts like Sur La Route are better for people who already know a lot about the French language and culture.

Listening to French songs is another great way to learn the language. Songs often repeat a chorus or group of lyrics more than once, so you can hear them over and over. Spotify has a lot of playlists with French songs.

Keep in mind that to really learn a language, you need to do more than just listen to it. You may also want to find ways to practise writing, reading, and speaking French in addition to listening to it.

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French TV shows and movies can help you learn the language

French movies and TV shows are a great way to connect with the language in a fun and interesting way. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have a lot of good French content in all kinds of genres and for all levels of French learning. For beginners and intermediate French learners, animated miniseries like Les Grandes Grandes Vacances mix historical fiction with easy-to-follow dialogue. If you want to learn more advanced French, the show Marseille can help you practise the language while keeping you interested in a compelling political drama. Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie, which many English speakers just call “Amélie,” is a classic French film for beginners who want to see how French people live now. La belle verte is a great movie for intermediate French learners who like science fiction. You can choose from so many great French TV shows and movies.

You can choose to have French subtitles show up while you watch to get more reading practise.  If the dialogue is moving too quickly, you can pause what you’re watching to give yourself time to process what you’re hearing and look up and write down words you don’t know. And when you use movies and TV shows to learn French, don’t be afraid to break them up to give your brain a break.

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