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What Features Should Be Considered While Developing A Social Media App

The social media app, Clubhouse has become ingrained in the daily life of the people. It became fashionable in January 2021 with over 2 million active users. Additionally, the user base has grown rapidly, reaching 10 million in February 2021. This data is enough to conclude that the clubhouse is the most popular with the general public.

The popularity of this trend can be attributed to its novel business model based on audio-based social networking. On this platform, users can create and connect with like-minded individuals to engage in audio-based conversations.

Given the popularity of social audio apps, entrepreneurs are attempting to capitalize on the trend by releasing Clubhouse clone apps for Android and iOS to reach a wider audience. If you choose to work in the social media industry, you must understand how it works. The blog will discuss several key features.

Most Important Features Of Social Media App

The functionality of the Clubhouse app is determined by the features included. You can improve the usability of your app by adding features. Given the saturation of the social media app market, it will be important to differentiate yourself from the competition through your unique selling propositions.

When you’re focused on offering something unique, don’t overlook the basic features of social audio chat apps. Please take a look

User Profile

After installing the app, users are asked to create a profile. Let them complete your profile by providing your email address and phone number during the registration process.


This is the first and foremost thing that users see when opening the application. This is where they can find and join active audio rooms.


Users have the option to create a new room or join an existing one. Rooms is a virtual discussion forum that enables real-time interaction between users. For example, clubhouses can accommodate up to 5000 people in a single room.


The persons sitting in the rooms are free to discuss anything they want. On the other hand, users can only discuss topics that interest them. In this respect, it is on par with Facebook groups.

Search Option

Clubhouse, like other social media apps, requires a search feature. This feature enables users to locate profiles and rooms.


The most important feature to include in a social audio application is the ability to increase user engagement. You should notify users when their connections enter the room to interact, when upcoming events are announced, when profiles are followed, and when other similar events occur.

Hopefully, you now understand some of the essential features of social audio chat applications in general. As a result, contact app developers or companies to develop Clubhouse applications.

Other Famous Audio-Based Social Media Applications-

1. Audlist

Audlist is a popular audio-focused social networking app that can be downloaded for Android and iOS devices. The great app allows users to communicate with various content creators by leaving audio messages on their posts. Users are unable to type anything other than a suitable short title for their audio post to interact. The ability to post audio stories that will only stay on the feed for 24 hours is one of Audlist’s upcoming features. Lastly, the app is completely free to use.

2. Hearme Out

Another free audio-based app is HearMeOut, available for Android and iOS. The application is designed to play audio files up to 42 seconds long. It also allows users to use a picture as the cover image of the post. You can easily share content on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using this app. Sound effects such as morning bass, 1970s radio, and more can be added to your posts. This app is also available for free.

3. Listen

Listen, which is available on Android and iOS, takes a slightly different approach to audio content. You can use the app to record your voice and then send it to different people. After sending a voice note, you can start a face-to-face conversation with anyone. The app is available for download for free, but in-app purchases are available.

4. Riffr

Riffr is a free app that specializes in audio clips ranging from 5 seconds to 3 minutes. It’s available for Android and iOS Mobile app, and it lets you add a single photograph to your soundtrack as a cover image, plus some fun sound modifiers. Riffr allows you to share all your posts on all social media platforms.


However, you can build an app similar to Clubhouse Clone Script instead of starting from scratch. Do you have any idea why? It is a ready-to-use social audio chat application that enables you to enter the social media industry in just a few weeks. Download our universal app and start using it on Android and iOS right away.

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