Vehicles that have the title of recovered or rebuilt (branded title) are those that have been involved in a car accident with total loss or have been affected by an agent of nature such as a flood. In both cases the vehicle has been given as a total loss, although there are still those who buy and sell this type of car. Sometimes whoever acquires this type of vehicle does so without knowing its history.

What are the types of damages that can be reflected in a title?

The title of a car contains important information and sometimes information about your past especially if the trauma suffered by the vehicle is considered drastic as an accident or natural disaster that caused too much damage to have been declared a total loss.

There are different types of titles that indicate what happened to the vehicle:

  • Clean title. This is considered a car without damage.
  • Salvaged (total loss). Known in English as “salvage.” It is a car that suffered too much damage and would cost between 75 and 100 percent of the total cost of the vehicle to repair.
  • Rebuilt. A car that has had a salvage title but has been rebuilt and inspected. Some states do not offer this type of title, which means that some rebuilt vehicles may still have the salvage title.
  • Scrap. The car that has this type of title can only be sold for scrap.
  • Flood damage. A vehicle that has had extreme flood damage. Some states allow rebuilding of these types of vehicles.
  • Fleet. This type of title is awarded to automobiles that have been used as a taxi fleet, rental vehicles, and police. This type of car is common at auctions, has many miles driven, and has been driven by multiple drivers.
  • Lemon. The lemon title varies by state. However, if a new vehicle is considered a lemon, it means that it has been under repair for at least a month or has been presenting the same problem all the time without being able to be fixed.
  • Unknown mileage. Although it is not considered damage, many states require that the title show that the mileage is unknown. This occurs from odometer replacement or other related damage.

Do your research before deciding to buy

It may be that if you are going to make a direct purchase you will fall in love with the car at first sight, but you must be careful before taking the big step. The first thing to do is research the vehicle’s history and hire a certified mechanic to inspect the vehicle you want to buy.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website allows you to obtain information about a vehicle using the VIN number. Avoid buying cars whose title indicates that they have been previously damaged. Although the price can be a bargain, in the short term you can bear the consequences when you need to repair it.

The doubt about whether the vehicle has a clean title or has suffered any damage will not be part of the purchase process if you do it through a franchise auto dealer. This type of establishment neither buys nor sells vehicles whose title indicates any damage. Also, most lenders will not approve financing to purchase a vehicle with a title that calls into question the reliability of the vehicle.

Bad credit buyer

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By acquiring a vehicle in one of these dealerships you will be sure that the title is clean and you will not have the worry that in a short time you will have to invest in its repair.

When you are in the buying process remember that many vehicles can look great on the outside and have a clean title, although they may have undergone a title wash.

This occurs when a vehicle that has had problems and has been reflected in the title, has been taken to another state where the title requirements are lower and a new title is issued without the mark indicating the damage it has suffered. Hence, it is important that you have a certified mechanic inspect the vehicle and check the car’s history using the VIN number.

There is always a second chance

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