What Is Cash App Bank Name And How To Find It?

Cash App is the No. 1 Finance application which allows you to pay anyone instantly and design your debit card to match your style and even invest in stocks or bitcoins. Cash App provides all the banking features like Cash App Direct Deposit, Cash App Borrow Money, and tax refunds on Cash App. Many people believe Cash App is a Bank but the truth is that it is not. Cash App is a payment portal that resembles a bank because of all the features that Cash App provides. That is the reason cash app users ask frequently “Is Cash App a Bank?” No, Cash App is not a bank itself rather it is associated with two reputable banks in the US. We will find out more about it in the next sections.

What is a Cash App Bank Name?

As we already know that Cash App is not a Bank itself. It is associated with two renowned banks in the US, Lincoln Savings Bank, and Sutton Bank. Both of these banks carry different functions for Cash App. Cash App works online with no physical branches which is why it is difficult for any online banking portal like cash app to store the funds and provide debit cards, and loans. In this section, we got to know about the Cash App Bank name. Let us discuss their roles and responsibilities in the next section.

What are the cash app bank name and routing number?

Cash App has two bank names which mean it has two Routing numbers as well. Please keep in mind that Cash App has two bank names and routing numbers but that does not mean that every Cash App user also has both of them. Cash App assigns a Routing number to each of its users depending on their account type and location. In case you do not know your Cash App Routing number then follow the steps given below. Start by unlocking your phone and launching a cash app on your device.

  • Now go to the Banking section from the cash app home screen.
  • A new page will open.
  • Here you can tap to see the Account and Routing Number of the Cash App.

What is the Cash App Bank name for Direct Deposit on Cash App?

Cash App Bank Name for Direct Deposits is Lincoln Savings Bank. Lincoln Savings Bank helps Cash App to store the direct deposit funds for all the Cash App users. When you enable Direct Deposit on Cash App you indirectly enable an account on Lincoln Savings Bank but that does not mean you are a customer of Lincoln Savings Bank. The partnership is between the Lincoln Savings Bank and the Cash App and it has nothing to do with Cash App users. Also please note that if your Direct Deposit on Cash App is not set up or failed or not working or whatever problem it has, Lincoln Savings Bank is not responsible for any of it. If you have any doubts or queries you need to contact Cash App Customer Service

What is Cash App Sutton Bank Role on Cash App?

Cash App Sutton Bank issues Debit cards called Cash App cards. These debit cards are rectangular-shaped, plastic, or metal body cards that allow the users to withdraw money, and swipe the card while shopping and net banking. Cash App Sutton Bank holds the duty to give Cash App cards to all the cash app users. All these cash app cards are unique from one another. Please note that it is your and Cash App’s responsibility to take care of your cash app card and you can not blame or complain about Cash App Sutton Bank for anything. Once you receive your Cash App Card issued by Sutton Bank then you can proceed for Cash App Card Activation.

How can you find your Bank name for Cash App?

You can easily find the Cash App Bank name in your Cash App account. Knowing your Cash App Bank name is important because it will help you to be aware of your Cash App account. In this section, we will explain the steps you need to follow to find your Cash App Bank name.  

  • Open the Cash App and log in to your account.
  • Now go to the Banking or money section.
  • On this new page now click Account number and Routing number. 
  • Once you get the Routing Number, note it down. 

The Cash App Routing number for Lincoln Savings Bank is 073923033 and the Cash App Sutton Bank Routing number is 041215663. With the steps given above, you will be able to find the Bank account and Routing Number your Cash App account is linked with. 

Cash App Direct Deposits

Many Cash App users consider Cash App to be a Bank but it is not. Do not be confused, Cash App is an online payment portal that is linked with two well-respected banks in the US, Lincoln Savings Bank, and Sutton Bank. Lincoln Savings Bank is responsible for handling the Cash App Direct Deposits and Sutton Bank of Cash App issues Debit cards or Cash App cards for its users. It is good to know the Cash App Bank name as it will help you to know whom to contact for what. You can find your cash app bank name or Routing number in the Balance section.


Your Routing Number will help you identify the cash app bank. The Routing number for Lincoln Savings Bank is 073923033 and Sutton Bank is 041215663.

We have heard many people ask if they can change their cash app bank name. It is not possible to change your Cash App bank name. Cash App allots Routing number and Cash App bank name according to the type of the account, and their geographical location. In case you want to change your Bank name on Cash App then you can either shift your address or delete and recreate your Cash App account. Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee of it. However, both of these Banks play a crucial role in the functioning of the Cash App.

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