What is Thai massage and benefits of Thai massage

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What is Thai massage and what are the benefits of getting Thai massage in our body? If you do not know all this, then stay with this article of ours till the end because in this article we have discussed this, so let’s start this article.

What is Thai massage?

Thai massage, also known as lazy man’s yoga or traditional massage, is an Asian floor massage technique that includes stretching and smooth-flowing massage strokes to stimulate circulation and flexibility.

Thai massage is usually done in loose, comfortable clothing and pillows are used to support the client during the massage session. Thai massage became increasingly popular in the West in the twentieth century, and is usually chosen for older and more delicate clients because it is more gentle than Swedish-style massage.

Thai massage has been practiced in Thailand for thousands of years, and many other Asian countries have incorporated massage into their healing traditions. Traditionally, Thai massage was performed by monks, which combined their massage sessions with other Ayurvedic healing modalities.

In addition to massage, the monks also provided dietary advice, herbals, and spiritual counseling aimed at clients seeking to develop healthy bodies and spirits.

Thai massage began to move outside the temple and into many other settings in the twentieth century, and many Thai hospitals offer massage as part of treatment.


Thai massage means

Thai massage brings about some great changes in a person’s soft tissues like ligaments, muscles, tendons through massage, which not only makes you feel good and fresh but also keeps your health better.

Thai massage is a unique combination of yoga, stretching and massage, which gives you more energy than any other massage. Often this massage is done on the ground or on a yoga mat, in which the massage therapist gets you to do yoga and stretches.


History of Thai massage

Like Ayurvedic Panchakarma, Thai massage has also been practiced for many centuries. It is believed that it was started by Lord Mahavir Buddha’s medical doctor ‘Shivago Komarpaj’.

With the passage of time, many changes have taken place in it, but to create balance of body and mind, yoga is used in Thai massage in the same way as it was done many centuries ago. Thai massage helps in reducing your stress levels and improving blood circulation.

This massage is completed gradually by doing asanas like yogasanas. This increases your flexibility. You feel relaxed with Thai massage. By reducing stress, you also get relief from mental and physical ailments related to stress.


Benefits of This massage

Massaging the body increases the contractility and stretching capacity of the muscles. Metabolism starts working smoothly in them and free radicals forming in the body can also be removed.

The tiredness in the muscles due to hard work also goes away. By massaging the body, the pulse and blood flow in the body goes well. Body massage helps you sleep well. The light of the eyes increases.

The skin becomes soft, glowing, and tightened. Massaging the body daily increases blood circulation, which does not cause skin diseases. It is very important to take long breaths during massage…

Due to this the disorder of the body will come out and there will be energy in the body. Massaging methodically is also an art, by massaging the body daily, immunity increases. There is not much pain due to injury.

Massaging daily enhances the complexion and creates a special kind of glow. By massaging the feet daily, there are no problems in the feet like roughness, dryness of the skin, stiffness, cracking, etc.

Massage of the head increases the intensity and mental power in the mind. Due to the oil being filled in the pores of the skin with massage, there is no danger of any type of bacteria entering and the skin remains protected from many types of infections.

Benefits of massaging the face Relax the facial muscles do not cause dark spots on the skin increasing blood circulation in the skin, which keeps the skin glowing, and massage on the face reduces the effect of aging on the skin.


[ Conclusion ]

Friends, I hope that you have liked this article of mine very much and with the help of this article, you must have got all the information related to Thai massage.

We have tried to give you information related to Thai massage in this article using simple language and hope that you will be satisfied by reading this article and have got information related to Thai massage.

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