What role does dairy equipment play in dairy farming?

Technology plays an indispensable role in the spreading boundaries of dairy farming. This all became possible due to the establishment of a plethora of milk storing equipment. All this only becomes possible due to the constant hard work of Dairy Equipment Manufacturers. They build valuable machines and big containers that not only hold massive quantities of milk but also maintain its quality.

In addition, Dairy Equipment Suppliers supply equipment like homogenizers, separators, evaporators, crystallizers, dryers, membrane filtration equipment, pasteurizers, churning machines, cheese vats, and so on that help dairy farmers make different milk-made items such as curd, butter, yogurt, and cheeses etcetera and generate a good amount of revenue by selling these items.

Moving further, market research estimated that the global dairy processing equipment market will rise more until 2025. Following are some reasons of booming market such as:

  • Increased and more sophisticated dairy production.
  • Rising demand for functional foods, infant nutritional products, nutraceuticals, and sports nutrition products often fortify with milk powders and whey protein concentrate.
  • Globalization and the developing requirement for dairy products.
  • Heightened health and weight consciousness among consumers, increasing demand for processed dairy products like skim milk and low-fat yogurts.

Homogenizers in dairy processing

A homogenizer is a vital piece of dairy processing equipment used to separate the fat molecules in milk to remain suspended and resist separation. When a dairy processing facility apart the raw milk into cream and skim milk, they use a homogenizer to recombine these to make various milk products with certain fat contents. Homogenization also enhances the taste, viscosity, and mouthfeel of milk-made items such as cream cheese, milk-based beverages, ice cream, dessert toppings, and mayonnaise. Homogenizers are prevalent throughout the food industry. Non-dairy applications include the production of sauces, soups, fruit juices, salad dressings, and candy products.

Khoya Making Machine

Koya is one of the most edible items in North India, especially in Punjab. Before all other milk-made items or desserts, people consider khoya as dessert and make it on special occasions such as weddings and other celebrations. However, khoya making is not a walk in the park if you try to make it traditionally. It uses too much time and hard work to finish. To make khoya conventionally, you first need a big bowl (called kdaha) and cow milk in a massive quantity. In earlier times, people made khoya by boiling milk on chulas with the help of a wood fire. We understand the stringent regulatory requirements associated with food processing. Our high-pressure homogenizers are designed for sanitary applications, and our modular technology supports a wide variety of process configurations, including a high-pressure pasteurization option. They boil it until it turns golden or yellow. After preparing, they will consume it in a raw form by adding some sugar to it.

However, under the modern technique of khoya making, a Khoya Machine comes in front where dairy owners do not need to work hard to fire a stove or Chula. This is an electronic machine; you need to switch it on after putting milk in its bowl. When the khoya is ready, it will start whistling, and you have to switch off its button. Now the hoya is ready. This is how khoya-making machines help dairy owners to prepare khoya within a few hours.

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