What Should You do If You Swallow Vape Smoke

Both vaping and smoking include inhaling the substance in the output form each produces. Smoking generates smoke while vaping produces vapour, in both ways first it goes into the lungs through the mouth and then comes out. Though it can also be deleterious for you if you swallow vape smoke, The disposable vape like Elf bar 1500 is much safer than keeping cigarette smoke inside and not exhaling it.

Rather than that what if you swallow the vapour? Obviously keeping the vapour inside and not exhaling it can be dangerous. Why is it so and is it less harmful than doing it with cigarettes? Let’s find out, notably e-liquid has a significant part in it.

Swallowing the Smoke Rather Than Exhaling It:

If you smoke cigarettes for a long time, due to extreme addiction you could be one of those who are chain smokers. Being a chain smoker, you might be used to keeping the smoke inside for long or don’t take any of it out. In both cases  it is very risky and alarming for your health that you do not let.

The smoke go out of your body when it must be exhaled which most probably causes inflammation in the lungs. Severe chest pain and headache and also could make your stomach upset.

In spite of it being the proper way to do smoking, many addicts don’t comply. So you’re also one of those, don’t worry you have the option of vaping.

Yes, it is.  Some of those include that vape smoke isn’t as detrimental as cigarette smoke. Why? Below is some factor that must be taken into consideration.

1- Adjustable Nicotine Strength:

Nicotine in cigarettes is more injurious than in vapes like Elux legend because vapes use saturated nicotine and don’t produce it by burning harmful tobacco. Vapes use nic-salt which has less intense nicotine content and it is present in e-liquid. Also, you can choose the level of nicotine in vapes.

2- Vape Produces Vapour While Cigarettes Create Smoke:

As an output vaping produces vapour while cigarettes generate smoke. Regardless of the same thing that both include the nicotine process, many of the elements are different in these two. Vapour has a completely different process, it includes heating up the e-liquid substance while cigarettes smoke results from the combustion of tobacco and pure nicotine.

Therefore if there is a huge difference if you swallow vape smoke rather than a cigarette. Since it gives the option of choosing nicotine level according to your taste and also there are many flavours available in vape e-liquids and disposable vape like Crystal bar vape.

3-Vaping Has the Option of a Similar MTL Style:

These two commonly used styles of vaping are MTL and the other is DTL. The MTL

is Mouth to Lung style, which is a process of vaping including taking the vapour inside the mouth and then inhaling it in the lungs.

However, e-liquid plays an important role in this process as mentioned above.

Affect on Taste Buds:

The taste buds of e-cigarette users are not affected immensely like those of regular smokers. People who smoke habitually damage their taste buds and cannot feel the tastes of different foods like that of non-smokers. Their taste buds get weak and gradually they stop feeling the spiciness or the sweetness of something to its full extent.

The taste buds of disposable vape users or other e-cig users are not affected like this. You can still enjoy all the flavours as non-smokers do. When you stop smoking you will notice that your taste buds have recovered and vaping does not affect them negatively either.

Using e-cigarettes like disposable vape kits, vape mods, pod kits and many others does not lead to health hazards like those of tobacco cigarette users. Vaping is not entirely safe but 95% safer than smoking is a good enough reason to quit smoking and start vaping.

Vapers are used to enjoy the taste of different flavours so they can easily distinguish between flavours of different foods too.


Using vapes and swallowing their smoke is a dangerous way to experience vaping. Despite this fact, it is better to do it using vapes rather than traditional cigarettes. Keeping that in mind, e-liquid in vapes plays an important role to justify this. Hence it is suggested to use vapes if you’re one of the addicts, used to swallow the smoke instead of exhaling it properly.


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