Which treatment options are suitable to correct Hemorrhoids?

There are numerous health conditions under which people feel shy while they talk with their healthcare provider. One of them is the problem of hemorrhoids (piles) that is common among all age groups. During this condition, people have to suffer from problematic veins of the anus that feel intimate or frustrated when going to the toilet to pass the stool. Indirectly the problem of piles is interrelated with constipation. You can take the help of the best gastro doctor in Ludhiana if you are suffering from constipation and hemorrhoids. Some individuals also call this condition vascular cushions. It divides into two parts:

  • External hemorrhoids (grade I), covered by skin, outside the anus.
  • Internal hemorrhoids (grade IV), surrounded by mucosa, inside the anus.

Like all other body organs, cushions are also standard body parts. When under the influence of hemorrhoids, these cushions start causing protruding and bleeding. During bowel movements, you can feel heavy stress on anus veins that can cause inflammation and bleeding in your anus. Anus consists of three cushions, two on the right side and the other on the left side of it. When these cushions swell or enlarge, it comes out with severe pain and blood that you face when going to the toilet or on toilet paper. This type of hemorrhoid is also called grade I (issue).

Hemorrhoid Prevention and treatment

  • Surgical treatment:

    If you are dealing with the II-IV hemorrhoid grade, immediately contact the colorectal surgeon. A colorectal surgeon is an expert in anal fissures, fecal incontinence, fistulas, anal itching, anal cancer, hemorrhoid, colon cancer, rectal cancer, diverticulitis, rectal prolapse, pilonidal cysts, anal condyloma, and chronic constipation etcetera.

Surgeons perform surgical procedures to treat piles by injecting a sclerosing agent (a chemical that hardens the inner side of the small vessels within hemorrhoid to avoid swelling up with blood). The whole procedure is performed under anesthesia so that a patient can not feel any severe pain. If you are suffering from the blood in your stool and rectal bleeding, adopt the Hemorrhoids Surgery in Ludhiana without causing any delay.

  • Non-surgical treatment:

    You can stop hemorrhoids from turning into grade IV from Grade I by adding excessive fiber into your diet and drinking a lot of water. Foods such as white rice, processed grains, white bread, red meat, bananas, alcoholic beverages, etcetera, if you want to prevent constipation, are responsible for stimulating the problem of hemorrhoids.

This is how you can move your stool smoothly from the large intestine with less straining. During the bowel movements, if you sit on a toilet seat for a long time and do not get stool even after pushing or straining, get up and try it again later.

A doctor may recommend Anusol HC (hydrocortisone) suppositories during hemorrhoid bleeding to reduce swelling or bleeding from your anus. Take medications as per your doctor’s recommendation to avoid any further complications. Additionally, if you are in grade I of piles, sit ten to fifteen minutes in a warm water bathtub rather than taking drugs. It will start to give you relief within seventy-two hours.

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