Which vegetarian food items are most loved by Indian individuals?

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List popular vegetarian Indian dishes

Following are some top menu vegetarian Indian dishes for customers who dislike consuming non-vegetarian food.

  • Rajma Dal:

Rajma dal comes from the vegan category of Northern Indian dishes. This dish is made from red kidney beans (rajma) and various kitsch spices like ginger, coriander, garlic, chilies, tomatoes, cumin, etcetera. After cooking, it looks like a spicy masala paste. Most people love to consume this dish with rice and chapatis at night.

  • Roasted cauliflower:

This dish is usually prepared in Indian homes twice a week. This food item is enrich with vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, manganese, glucosinolates, omega-3 fatty acids, etcetera. To make this dish, individuals roasted this excellent veggie in olive oil, pepper, salt, garlic paste, and several other ingredients. You can also customize this food item with your favorite seasonings.

  • Spinach and Indian cottage cheese (palak paneer):

Palak paneer is one of the famous Indian dishes on the vegetarian menu that does not take much time to prepare. To make this dish, people prepare spinach gravy and add the soiree pieces of collage cheese (paneer), along with all kitchen spices or masalas. These spices (garlic, ginger, garam masalas) provide a more appealing look and palatable taste. If you want to relish this food item, pay your visit to the best Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Sydney.

  • Buttermilk curry:

Buttermilk curry is the best companion for rice. Usually, this food item prepares with buttermilk, green chilies, rice flour, curry leaves, and other spices in the coconut oil base. This dish is like a night moon for buffets, pot lunches, and kitty parties.

  • Indian crispy okra (Kurkuri bhindi):

Okra has an indispensable space in Indian dishes. The vegetarian menu is incomplete without this dish. This delectable side dish is usually consumed with a dal tadka and boiled rice. You may not know that it is a well-nutritional and low-calorie food item that confers taste and potion simultaneously to your body. Patients with digestive system issues and heart and liver problems consume this dish to eradicate all these problems. Besides this, it stabilizes blood sugar levels and enhances body energy levels.

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