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Why Do We Hear Noise from an AC – Complete Explanation?

When the summer heat rises, all people want to do is relax in a perfect, air-conditioned home. But sometimes their air conditioner starts making weird noises. Noise from AC is not such a good thing for relaxing; sometimes, it causes headaches. It is not uncommon for air conditioners to make a different number of strange sounds. There are different types of sounds that your AC is generating. Each sound can cause another problem.

Familiar sounds you might be hearing when you turn on the AC:


Hissing (a high-pitched and worse shrieking) is one of the signs when a refrigerant line leaks. Not only has severe damage to the unit occurred due to refrigerant leakage. Also, inside the home, it can cause health problems for the people. Turn off your air conditioning system rapidly. And call an expert HVAC technician for a detailed inspection.


When it turns off, if you hear your cooling system click, as this is a regular operation, there is no need to worry. But continuous clicking in the process can signal an electrical crash. It can be very terrible in a home. It could be possible to control the malfunctioning issue with the thermostat.


If your AC unit is originating a popping noise, it could occur due to ice forming. Either it happens because of water drainage issues or because the temperature is set too low. If water spreads some of the more sensitive areas of your system, it can cause lasting (and expensive) damage. Air duct sanitizing Duluth provides affordable and professional duct and vent cleaning.


When the fan motors and blowers are going bad, then they can make a ruckus. When your AC first turns on, it could be nothing if you hear a squealing sound very clearly. But any high-pitched noise from AC for a long time should be looked at by an experienced HVAC expert. Commercial air duct and dryer vent cleaning Duluth help clean the system perfectly for its working efficiency.

5: RATTLING/BANGING:              

Rattling, banging, or clanking noises coming from your AC is frequently due to a screw or loss of the part. It could also be from a loose fan blade or debris, or stuck leaves. If your system originates a banging noise, this is a sign of an issue with the compressor. The engineered component divides refrigerant into some parts of the HVAC system to remove extra heat from your home. It is not uncommon for claims to become unattached inside the compressor as your central air conditioning system extends the middle or end of its lifespan.

Once the parts become detached in the compressor, you may observe a rattling noise from AC while your air conditioning system is activated. This sound is caused by unfastened components that are striking the compressor’s exterior framing. You may need to invest in a new energy-efficient AC if the compressor is not pulling off to be easily disassembled. Call a local HVAC technician in your area to receive help with this issue if your AC is generating a banging sound.


A buzzing noise from AC produced from your outside unit could mean:

  • Unlocked parts
  • The trash in either the outdoor or indoor unit
  • The outdoor fan motor is about to fail or loose
  • Fan blades are out of surplus or loose
  • The copper lines from external to internal are rasping against something
  • The condenser coil require to be clean
  • The air filter needs to be change
  • The blower is working out of balance or bad

Resulting in your air conditioning freezing up is refrigerant leaks. If the air conditioning is not cooling, this could be why. The problem is likely a refrigerant leak if your AC unit looks to be running outside but is not cooling inside, depending on how bad the leak is and where it is present. It may or may not be led by any telltale noises.

7: AC Pulsating Noise:

The AC generating a pulsating noise is not necessarily a bad sign. When the system is operating, a little pulsing noise can be perfectly normal. But if you can hear the noise from AC from inside the house, your outdoor AC unit generates a pulsating noise. It could be a sign that some issue is present inside the unit and needs to be replaced. Some likely culprits include the blades and fan motor. But any loose part or panel could cause a pulsing noise in your AC. Air duct sanitizing Duluth provides cleaning services. Also, they reduce the condensation, create a clean look and avoid cracks.

8: AC Whirring Noise:

If your AC generating sounds like a helicopter, that means it has one of any number of mechanical issues with either the outdoor unit or the indoor blower. Typically, a whirring sound in an AC occurs due to a faulty fan in either the indoor blower unit or outdoor unit or bad bearings in the indoor blower fan motor. When the fan otherwise starts to fall apart, or the blades begin to come loose, a whirring, like a helicopter noise, can generate. There might also be a broken or lousy belt present somewhere in the system.

However, the issue is not always a defective part. Sometimes, a piece of paper or other trash can cause in the outdoor fan unit or the indoor blower fan. It is causing a rapid, helicopter-blade-like whirring noise.

Repair and maintenance:

The main thing to remember about the worst AC noises is that it is always better to find out the problem early on. It will be much less expensive to find a minor issue than to wait until your cooling is not working anymore and your AC releases warm air before it finally calls an HVAC company for rapid repairs. Commercial air duct and dryer vent cleaning Duluth provide air conditioners repair services, so call them to avoid costly AC repair. A tune-up for the air conditioner (or furnace) will ensure that your system is in an accurate position to give high-efficiency operation all year long.

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