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Is WooCommerce good for online stores?

We will provide a review of the features that are include in the core of WooCommece and we will also suggest some additional settings for you to achieve the best results.


WooCommerce Design Review

Taking into account the main requirements for the design of an online store, we could define the following aspects:

  • Responsive  design A good store must look good on all devices in order to reach the majority of customers and ensure a great user experience.
WooCommerce Mobile
  • The high speed of the pages and simple design are now more valuable than sophisticate design. That is why the quality of the theme code is very important.
  • The customization of the store and personalization of some of its navigation elements like the menu, widgets, etc., should allow the user to make changes quickly and easily.
  • The development of the subject is essential because it affects the ability to upgrade your store and the ability to keep without any extraordinary effort. If this feature is absent from the theme, you will lose the ability to update new versions of the theme.
  • Customization of the product page, product categories, header according to the content of the site, and the type of products.
  • The support and performance needs of the characteristics of the subject is important for electronic commerce.
SEO Premium Plugin for WooCommerce

Marketing and conversion rate optimization

Today, there are a number of instruments to measure the loyalty of customers , retention rates and conversion, recovery of abandone cars, etc. Not all stores need absolutely all of them, although it is a good idea to experiment with them in order to fine-tune your application and get better performance from your store.

WooCommerce SEO review

There are a lot of recommendations regarding the optimization of the online store in internal and external woocommerce for the search engines so that its promotion is effective.

The SEO in WordPress is one of the key issues for e – commerce since massive amounts of traffic and potential users come from search engines. If the platform is poorly optimized or lacks the necessary tools, the cost of web optimization becomes several times higher or impossible.

One of the most essential tools is the Yoast SEO plugin , it is free and can be quickly install through the WordPress plugin panel .

If you don’t know much about the topic or you don’t have time, we’ll install it and configure it for you with Yoast SEO Premium, even better for WooCommerce .

WooCommerce: Submitting and Checking Payments

The most popular shipping and payment options have already been integrate into the platform. Also, quality support is provide on a regular basis.

WooCommerce guarantees the perfect functioning of all the necessary functions. In case the specific project requirements are unique, the software could easily be develop by an experience team.


Integration with third party platforms

Some popular integrations like Amazon , E-bay , Google Shopping , are available and other niche platforms may also be compatible with WooCommerce . Rest’s API makes integration with third-party platforms relatively easy. We love the flexibility of WooCommerce !

Analytical instruments

The built-in analytics that WooCommerce brings with it does not provide a large amount of data about store users and orders in the standard WooCommerce core , nor are there many sorting options available, although this is not essential for an e-commerce . Google Analytics is absolutely sufficient for most online stores. Use it, it’s amazing!

Online Sales Reports

Product and catalog management

Product management and catalog organization in WooCommerce are well define and have a logical product type architecture that ensures some flexibility when adding products to your catalog.

Order and customer management

In general, order and customer management in WooCommerce is quite transparent and handles most tasks easily. However, it is not possible to create different types of customers for better price and discount management.

In case you want to have different types of clients or user roles for WooCommerce (most popular in the WordPress world), we can do it without problem, but yes, we must use additional extensions.

General characteristics

By general characteristics we refer to the essential elements of the different types of stores, and here is the list of them:

  • Multi language
  • Multi currency
  • Access rights to the administration panel
  • Catalog mode

WooCommerce has a simple and manageable administration panel for any user with hardly any experience.

Store Features

There are three characteristics that, on the one hand, are rarely used, but on the other, they can serve as the basis for certain types of businesses. These characteristics are:

  • Multi vendor
  • Multi store
  • Subscription

The three features mentioned are not developed in the basic kit of WooCommerce , although there are solutions to add to the project.

WooCommerce Security Review

WordPress and WooCommerce together are extremely resistant to all kinds of attacks. However, when defining the settings for all extensions and themes, it is important to take into account the general security of the entire store and its permanent update .


The modern standard for loading a page is no more than 2-3 seconds, no matter how large and complex your store is. Woocommerce Development Agency in Lahore results in this field are really good. However, combining a large number of plugins and extensions while keeping the page speed high can be quite challenging and require more effort.

In case your WooCommerce is not fast enough, you have to consider several important aspects such as Hosting or Theme mainly. Even so, there are tools that can help us, and a lot, in solving this aspect. We discussed one of them in this article on ” How to optimize your website in WordPress and WooCommerce ” and you can buy it in our repository of plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce .


WooCommerce is in constant development, like practically all the OpenSource CMS in the current market, providing assistance in the core of the platform through constant updates.


WooCommerce is the simplest solution to create an online store. Easy to use , if you are already specialized in WordPress , and if it is not the case, there is a large community behind it with thousands of video or text tutorials throughout the network. You do not need especially expensive hostings for your store to function properly, although several things have to be clarified on this subject.

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